Sinclair Law

I really don’t quite remember how many of Willie’s Chopper Shows I’ve been to, but, several other veterans and I agreed that this years’ was one of the largest!!! As has been the case lately, March 15 dawned bright and clear, AND…COLD!!!  But, thanks to the Big Weatherman in the Sky, it warmed up quite well…well enough for a few of the little darlings prancing around to shed some un-needed clothing…ah yes, biker babes…ya can’t beat ‘em!!! Out front, were several Rat Rods that the little darlings enjoyed posing with, plus, all the custom built bike entries, and in the back yard, were a host of vendors, and of course, the band stand, featuring a friend of mine…Big Rick and the Troublemakers. Back around front, it was time to award trophies, many of them handmade, along with tossing out of souvenir T’s and the usual “coolies”.

Gotta thank all the ladies who posed for me, and the inimitable “Roadside Marty” as well as Willie himself for their hospitality.

Nice to meet Mike Lichter and son, and famous bike builder Dave Perowitz again. All in all, a fabulous day…looking forward to the next one!! Hey, support our troops, and, stand up for your country…ride safe, (and often)…

Miserable George

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