Sinclair Law

    This is an event I always look forward to every year, and especially, THIS year…it featured the U.S.Air Force Thunderbirds, plus a close-up look at two F-18C Hornets…what a performance!!!

Several stunt teams, and solo flyers, including WWII Corsair and P-51 Mustang….I call them the fighters that won WWII for US!!! If you were a flyer at heart…you could get a ride in a vintage biplane, or maybe a combat helicopter was more your style…an H-1 Huey, or maybe a Cobra gunship. Prices ranged from $85 all the way to $525…AND…the line was LONG, waiting to board!!

There also was a jet powered dragster, and several other drag racing cars…folks, the accent was on  SPEED, and NOISE!!!

Let’s not forget the Grand Old Lady…Miss Tico Belle, a D-Day veteran, C-47 transport, completely refurbished, and, FLYING!  

I was certainly glad for the courtesy carts, hauling folks back and forth from the parking area. I enjoy walking, but, there’s a limit…!

Lest I forget, there were some sky-divers there too. Several attractions for the little ones, and lots of food and drink vendors as well. The crowd was huge, and seemed to be enjoying every minute of the fabulous show…I know I did…!

Miserable George

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