Sinclair Law

This is the time of year for crazy weather, and man….have we been getting just THAT…!!! BUT, today, 8-5-23 at American Legion Post 359 was different…at least, it started out that way!! It was HOT, but the BIG DADDY BAND attracted a nice crowd….if anybody’s gonna do it…THEY will..!!! We ran into some friends whom we hadn’t seen for awhile…THAT’S always nice. The food was very good…as always…and, Shelly, that sweet little bar-maid, was busy keeping the cold ones coming. Judging by what was parked in back…someone even arrived on a beautiful Farmall “H” tractor…!!! The band DID attract a dancer or two…even in the heat…!!! The fans were running, but like one guy said, they were just blowing hot air!!!!

Well, whatever, it was a fun afternoon…I always look forward to it. Hey, thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…..!!!!

Miserable George