Sinclair Law

     A bunch of mean looking clouds rolled past my place just as I was getting ready to shove off to Post 359 for Bike Day. Those clouds DID dump some rain on my place, however, 359 was spared…WHEW!!! The crowd was a bit sparse when I got there, but grew pretty fast. The band, Roughouse, was wailing away, and cute little barmaid Shelly was busy providing those cold ones…she’s a Sweetheart!!! By now, BOTH bars were busy, and food was being served. Everything was moving at a FULL SWING pace. The weather was perfect, although it was a BIT warm…those big fans on the deck DID help. Despite the heat, I did see people dancing…!!! Bikes were rolling in, and soon the back deck was packed. It turned out to be a FUN DAY…!!!

Folks, thank a vet today, and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal…(Yeah, she was there too)