Sinclair Law

      Well, here it is…February…the month that I DO NOT like…! The weather usually is not too nice, however, we were lucky on Feb.4, 2023, we DID have a beautiful day at Legion Post 359 Biker Saturday…not just weather-wise, but BIG DADDY’S BAND was featured, and they happen to be MY personal favorite outfit. Things started out a bit ho-hum as far as the crowd went, BUT, that changed real quick, and before ya knew it, the back deck was JAMMED!!! I figured it might be cooler. But the weather was almost perfect….beautiful sunshine all day. The food was yummy as were the two bar-maids out back…Shelly and Sarah…and, they were really busy all day. Some lucky guy hit the 50/50 for a nice bundle…ME…I never play that game…ya well…!!!

I tell ya, when Biker Saturday rolls around, get yer butts out there to Post 359 on US#1 just south of Titusville, a little bit north of the Generating Center, you’ll thank me!!!!

Don’t forget, thank a VET today, and ride safely…we’ll see ya next time…

Miserable George & ValGal