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Well, here it is…Bike Week, 2019…thought it would never get here!!

For ME, this means action at NSB Speedway, in the form of Sons of Speed Old Time Motorcycle Racing. Billy Lane created this type of competition several years ago, and it is growing into something serious!!! It involves Board Track type bikes, some as old as 100 years!!

The speeds aren’t really excessive, but, it’s the thought of these historic machines still able to roar around a racetrack, and, roar they do!! There are 3 basic classes: Stock 45”, Stock 61”, and HOT 61”.

Unfortunately, in the stock 61” class, Ken Curtis nipped the wall going into turn 4, and went down. Luckily, he was OK( according to the info I got).

Of course, the girls are getting into it too; there were 4 active lady riders out there today: Jody Perewitz, Brittney Olsen, Roxie Hanna, and, Shelly Rossmeyer Pepe. No lady winners this time out, but, they rode hard, and very competitive.

The weather was  good…warm, with high clouds, making for good racing conditions! The winners, (as I got it) were:

45”…Billy Applegate;
61” Josh Owens;
hot 61” Billy Applegate.

If we made any mistakes, we’re certainly sorry. OK Gang, we’ll see ya at Biketoberfest in Oct.

Miserable George

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