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In June of 2004 I received a call from one of the magazines I was working with at the time, to cover a spring run at a place called the Blackthorne Resort, it was a place I had never heard of. I attended and covered the event. It was beyond a great time, and I remember leaving with this feeling of overwhelming Biker Brotherhood and thinking how I couldn’t wait to go back.
Now 20 years and hundreds of visits to the Blackthorne Resort later on June 21st 2024 I returned to cover the same Spring Run at what I now call, the Legendary Blackthorne Resort. The Blackthorne has become legendary to bikers worldwide in huge part to their amazing event the “Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival”, which has been held there every September for over 25 years, but the Blackthorne’s status as “Legendary” goes beyond just the Incredible CMT Motorcycle Festival.
The Resort is run by the Handel Family, This Resort gives so much back to its community, that to list all they do would make this story much much longer than it already is. I have been fortunate to see first hand how much work and love this family puts into the place and everything they do for so many. It is very easy to see for anyone who stops to truly look.
I have found it really awesome to see some of their children, who used to be the kids running around the Resort playing over the past 20 years, now taking on leadership roles and becoming a huge part in the daily workings of this family Resort. It makes me happy to know the place will continue to flourish and continue the magic that is the Blackthorne Resort for many more generations to come. The Blackthorne has become one of my Favorite places on the planet.
The Spring Run 2024 also known as “the warm up party for Catskill Mountain Thunder”, was once again an amazing event. Me and my Brother Craig arrived Friday afternoon. We checked into our huge room in Tara Hall and then made our way to the Tiki Bar for drinks and a dip in the pool. We began partying with many others. Seeing old friends and making new ones. Soon it was time for dinner at the huge dining hall, the food as always was delicious and offered a huge variety of choices, (as always I ate way too much food over the weekend)
Then it was time to party! In the main bar playing was local celebrities the band “Geezer” that kept the bar jumping all night. Over back at the Tiki Bar Pavillion there was a whole other party going on, with the band “By All Means” who had that party Rocking! After a few trips back and forth partying with friends, I headed to sleep a little earlier than I usually would during a party at the Blackthorne to be fresh for the Motorcycle Run the next day.
Saturday morning we headed to breakfast and then got ready to ride. 8 years ago I made the Catskill Mountain Area my home, and one of the reasons I always tell everyone is that when you are riding in the Catskill Mountains, every road just seems more beautiful than the last. The ride this year may have just found the most beautiful roads in all of the Catskill area. The Handel Family has always prided themselves on showing off the their area and it truly showed on this ride.
Our first stop was at the Union Grove Distillery in Arkville NY to sample some of their delicious products. The place is amazing and the owners are friendly and attentive. While sampling their merchandise you are comfortably in the middle of everything. When you sit on the front porch enjoying a drink, you know you are in the Catskills, as you are nestled in-between the Mountains and the view is just classic American beauty.
Then we were off riding again, we stopped for a quick fuel up and after some more beautiful Catskill Mountain roads, we stopped for lunch at “Belleayre Lake Park” a place so amazing all I could think was this must be what paradise looks like. We ate a truly delicious lunch on top of a hill, under 2 large Pavilions, overlooking the park and lake. Then we began the ride back to the Blackthorne Resort where the partying was about to get into full swing.
When we arrived back all riders and guests were taken over to the Blackthorn’s own Mini Martini Bar for free samples of all the different flavors of Martinis they offer, served by the lovely “Marissa” one of the Blackthorne’s most beloved Bartenders. There was DJed music of classic biker tunes being played by a very handsome and incredibly talented Biker DJ (Yeah it was Me LOL) as everyone enjoyed drinks and Biker comradery.

When the hot Sun started to go down everyone began getting ready for another night of “Blackthorne Debauchery”. Saturday Night had “Lucid Street” playing in the main bar and back at the Tiki Bar Pavilion playing was a local favorite of mine “The Second Chance Band” ! The Partying again went way into the early morning hours.

Now I want to end this story with everyone knowing that as great as this weekend was, it was only the warm up to the Legendary Catskill Mountain Thunder Motorcycle Festival, held every September. I have done many stories about CMT and the event always has so much going on at it, that I do not believe anyone can participate and enjoy everything in just one visit.

The Blackthorne Resort is perfect for a get away with the Family or to participate in some of the wildest Biker adventures ever. Check them out at for any type of get away or at for what myself and many others say is the best Biker Event in New York State.

There are many rooms, cabins , RV Sites and tent camping sites available, but they do fill up fast, so book early and tell them you heard about it from LJ James and I will see you there!

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