Sinclair Law

     ValGal and I rolled into the Brevard Humane Society grounds about 10:30AM, Sunday, Nov. 20, 2022, under somewhat threatening skies. Several groups and some lone riders made up a bunch of 36 riders total for the run. I had often wondered how long the animals were kept at the shelter, and they told me the animals moved out quite quickly. I was glad to hear that!!! The run ended at H&D Roadhouse on Merritt Island, where for a few bucks, you could get yourself a nice meal, which I took advantage of for sure!! Just before the end of the run, a mini monsoon rolled through, soaking many of the riders just before they reached safe haven at H&D…!!! One rider seemed pretty dry…he said when he saw the cloud build-up, he ran his bike home and got the 4-wheeler to finish the run…high and dry. I did THAT once myself. By and by, all the riders arrived safe and sound…prizes were awarded, with many being donated back to the Society…!! Luckily for the riders, the rain stopped. Me being the old guy that I am, was getting pretty tired, so I headed home. It was a fun day.

Hey, thank a VET today, ride safe…

Miserable George & ValGal