Sinclair Law

            We changed our itinerary this year,  and visited the Cabbage Patch on Saturday of Bike Week instead of Wednesday. Had the pleasure of meeting some of ValGal’s friends camped at what they call Paco’s Corner on the north side of the property…away from all the noise. Hooked up with my good friend Jack-Man(as I did at Willie’s) near the wrestling area. Lots of gorgeous wrestlers milling around in that area waiting for the cabbage to be shredded. Also talked with my old friend, Radical Randy, who was acting as an MC that day. After the shredding, the wrestling events began, and because of the hot sun, that cabbage started to…SMELL…..!!! That did it for me…I opted to take a hike away from that mess!!! We roamed the general midway area, got a bite to eat, and of course, had no place to sit. Man…!!! I’m gettin’ too old for this kind of activity. Again, we had ValGal to help with the photos. Is it just me, or was the crowd a bit smaller out here too…??? Maybe…For a change of scenery, we walked across to Cacklebery Campgrounds…more pretty girls and all kinds of vendors too. By now, it was getting late, and we(I) was tired…old age…I was hungry again too!! Time to head south and home…It was a fun day!!!

Thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…..

Miserable George & ValGal