Sinclair Law

I’d say the weather for the 2021 Critter Run couldn’t have been more perfect…! We missed the sign-up activities, because Val and I each thought the other was gonna be THERE!!! Sorry folks, dodo happens…!!! Anyway, we WERE at H&D Roadhouse where the run ended!!! I was told that there were 40 riders in the run…we were hoping for more, but, ya can’t win ‘em all…! The winner donated the money back to the Humane Society…thank you so much!!!! H&D owner, Harry Vigliano was awarded a plaque for all the help he has given to this run down through the years…Harry…you’re the BEST. Inside, there was a nice selection of food available, plus, of course, cool ones and more!!!! The H&D House Band…( that’s what I call it) was playing out back on the new stage, and as always, they sounded pretty good!!!  I’d like to personally thank everyone who wished me a “Happy Birthday”…I am officially STOPPING counting birthdays….You do that when you reach my age…!!!

It was a fun day at H&D Roadhouse…best biker bar in Brevard!!!

Thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS you all!!!!

Miserable George