Sinclair Law

Several years ago, out on Merritt Island, there lived a man we’ll call Daddy-O.

He’s gone now (RIP), but when he lived, he was a great friend of ABATE, and indeed, all bikers.

Once a year, he threw a tremendous party at his digs…I should say, “estate”, on Merritt Is. There was beer, soda, food, like you wouldn’t believe…sometimes a whole pig…!!!  Many…and I mean…MANY riders attended, not only to eat and drink, but, to admire his “toys”…antique cars, Corvettes, motorcycles, trikes, the spacious grounds…everything to make an ordinary day a very special one.

Sad to say, some of the people pictured here are gone now, and I hope you will all bear with me…They were good times back then…Please enjoy the pictures, and the memories…

Miserable George

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