Sinclair Law

What do I know? It’s fucking 2015! Can you believe it? That futuristic movie was titled 2001! 2001 is the OLD days to the kids today.

With all the amazing and horrible changes the world has seen in the last few decades I’m glad that some things remain the same.

fixI know that if i’m broke down on the side of the road with no cell service and I hear a bike coming that I’m gonna get help.

I know if I need anything on the home-front, all I need to do is call a brother and he will be there.

I know that if anyone in the community needs a hand up, the local bikers will be ready to pitch in to provide that hand up.pow

I know that our brothers who never came home from over there will never be forgotten as long as the last old school biker is still drawing breath.

It’s enough, ride safe.