Sinclair Law
Back in the 1980’s every Labor Day weekend

we packed up our camping equipment in the Ford econ van with the gold colored bubble windows poking out from the sides and the carpeted walls . Sharon drove the van and I would ride my bike. We met at the Longwood rest stop and the pack would ride up to Mayo, Fl .to our favorite campsite on the Suwanee River. There we would spend the whole weekend laughing, swimming and well I can’t remember the rest. Sharon will have to tell you.

There was this high bank with springs and a rope swing. Some of our best laughs were watching a bunch of crazy drunk men doing flips off that rope swing.  Bigfoot brought his boat and pulled us up and down the river on inner tubes. Bubba needed a steel cable to be pulled by after trying the ropes too many times.  Laughter was the main thing we did. One night I was getting bit up by Mosquitos so I grabbed a can and sprayed myself. Sharon found me passed out later with a can of Pam next to me. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was calling me Slick the next morning.  One night these divers in glowing masks came up out of the springs and about freaked all of us out. Just good old stupid stuff would give us many good times.  We took over that campsite and I’m sure all of us bikers kept the norm away. Lots of great almost memories. Like I said, you’ll have to ask Sharon. I haven’t drank or done drugs in 30 years but I still get to see some of the old crowd.  Bigfoot, Castro, Santa, Wayne, and Curtis I will always remember our special times in Mayo R.I.P.

By Rev. Al Paquette