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Sat., June 30, 2018 started out looking OK, weather wise…HOWEVER…as the day progressed, that nice weather turned bad, forcing BIG DADDY’S Band to quickly move inside, from the brand new back-yard band stand, into the safe and dry confines of H&D Roadhouse, where the big Anniversary Party was in full swing!!

Boss Harry was out front “patting” together his own custom, hand made hamburgers….no “ready-mades” for H&D, these were the real thing!! The girls were hawking 50/50’s, and Jello-shots, and people were putting the dance floor to good use!!

I actually DID run into an old friend from like, 16 years ago, who did a little photo shoot with me back then…she looks even BETTER now!!! As the day progressed, the weather actually DID improve…even saw 2 or 3 bikes!!!!

Hey, we certainly wish Harry & Debbie all the best of luck with their enterprise….

we call it…”The Best Biker Bar in Brevard County”…

pop in sometime…you’ll see.

Thanks to the staff too, who always treat us like royalty.

Ride safe, and, stand up for your country…

Miserable George & ValGal

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