Sinclair Law

Well with 2017 gone and a new year ahead I hope by now all my readers have tried Lou’s Filling Station in Downtown Melbourne.  We have so much damn fun there it isn’t funny… The food is excellent and they also have a great selection of draft beers. The pork is smoked on premises by none other than JP, the resident smoke conductor.

Ya never know what you may run into when you visit Lou’s… one night we had a burning of the NFL junk… Yeah and we even made smores! Yummy.

Christmas was an awesome time with the gift exchange and karaoke fun with Tony Karaoke. And every year Lou drops the ‘BALL’,  The LFS version of the New Years Eve ball that drops in Time Square.

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Lou’s make a day of it soon and keep your eyes open for poker runs and other events going on at Lou’s.


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