Sinclair Law

Margarita Mendez


Margarita Mendez is a Florida artist whose paintings celebrate biker culture, choppers, bike parts, motorcycles, bikers, female bikers, bikers and their dogs, bike aficionados, etc…

Considered “the biker world’s artist-in-residence,” by her peers,  her images are ubiquitous in biker clubhouses and garages, on motorcycle gas tanks, tattoos, and on T-shirts and other memorabilia associated with biker culture.

Margarita’s motorcycle paintings are often set against surreal backgrounds, and distorted skylines. Her colourful images celebrate the artistic beauty of a motorcycle and the freedom of the open road … Many of his images capture the ‘Easyrider’ ethos – speed, the open road, long flowing hair – freedom.” …And there is more to come from this prolific large scale and small scale painter and her endless fascination and inspiration of all that is MOTORCYCLE.

Born: May 10, 1967  Miami, Florida

Artworks: Oil Paintings and Mixed Media of Motorcycles, Motorcycle parts, Bikers, Abstract Motorcycles, Commissioned and Gallery pieces

Education: University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana   and School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Illinois

Award: Fine Art Gallery Exhibitions