Sinclair Law

I wasn’t quite sure about having this event the same day as the Daytona 500, but, that didn’t do a thing to diminish the Midwest crowd!!! At the Beaver Bar, bikes kept filing in all day long, and, I’d call this show a success!!

A great display of custom and antique machines, fighting it out for some beautiful hand made trophies,

while the live band, Crashrocket, cranked out some knock-down, drag-out modern day sounds, much to the delight of the crowd!! As always, lots of pretty ladies drifting around the grounds, while overhead, a large bald eagle seemed to be checking everything out…neat!!! Hungry…thirsty…well, they had THAT covered too, with many GOOD eating stands, and adult beverages, along with a breakfast buffet inside…I tell ya folks, this crew had ya covered!!!! Shopping for something nice for a friend…??? Plenty of vendors there with some primo goods to pick from!! Hey, ValGal and I had a blast…(I believe I ate too much!!) Hope to see you all at the up-coming Daytona Bike Week!!! Ride safe, remember our Vets, and, stand up for your country!!!

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