Sinclair Law

       On Saturday, November 26, 2016, ValGal and I attended a big Rat Rod Showing at the good old Iron Horse Bar, in Ormond Beach…just north of Daytona proper…right on US # 1.

We arrived a bit early, and had an opportunity to chat with ace bike builder, Billy Lane. Hopefully, we’ll have more on Billy at a later date. We also had a chat with Willie Jones of Old School Chopper fame…good way to start the day, I’d say!!!

Anyway, before long, the old, sometimes rusty super powered heaps started to roll (roar) onto the grounds. Another show in the area was just ending, as Iron Horses’ show was beginning….(somebody did their homework!!)  The space around the old Daytona landmark was soon over-flowing with some of the most fantastic machines I have ever seen!!

The pictures will show you what I mean…! Hey…the sounds of a live band, the aroma of exotic fuels that powered  those beasts, a host of pretty girls, all added up to a pretty exciting couple of hours, roaming around some of the most unique machines that I’ve seen in quite awhile. We’re gonna keep our eyes open for the next show!!!

Miserable George

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