Sinclair Law

I first met Sally at an ABATE meeting back around 1990 or so, and I must admit, she stopped me dead in my tracks!!! She literally took my breath away! I wasn’t all that nuts about ABATE meetings, but, I attended them from then on!!! I believe this lady affected just about everyone in that same way with her good looks and friendliness. I lost track of all the tools and parts I purchased at “Sally’s Bargain Barn”, her place of business, where bargains abounded for sure!!

But, the big “C” doesn’t play favorites, and yes, she was stricken awhile ago. She fought the valiant fight, but, it was just too much to handle, and we lost her several weeks ago.

A service was held at Port St. John Baptist Church this past October 20TH. with gatherings at Warlock’s MC and H&D Roadhouse, to celebrate her life.

I believe Heaven truly gained yet another ANGEL…here on Earth…she will be missed.

May GOD rest your soul, dear Sally…

Miserable George

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