Sinclair Law

I remember last year , at this event, it had to be run between rain showers…not so this past May 14th…weather was beautiful…just like a bunch of the ladies scootin’ around at the WMC Melbourne grounds on Lincoln Dr.

They were able to run every planned event: slo-race, plank ride, barrel roll, and of course, the wienie bite. Lots of tasty food, plenty to drink, live bands, AND, the presentation of award citations for many clubs and individuals present.

The crowd certainly welcomed the large sun canopies shadowing the picnic tables, and of course, the pleasant air conditioned clubhouse, and a very pretty bar-maid…oh yeah…!!!

OSB would like to thank Robin Bailey for her assistance with the camera work. Come to think of it…I believe she won a prize in the bike judging!!! All in all…a FUN day.

Thanks to all the South Brevard Brothers…the Melbourne Mob…for making us feel welcome…stay tuned…there’ll be more…

Miserable George

ValGal & Robin….