Sinclair Law

Sunday, March 11, 2018, as far as I know, was the beginning of Daytona’s Bike Week-2018…the weather was beautiful, so, we boogied north to the Broken Spoke, to pick up on a Chopper and Rat Rod showing.

Of course, there were a number of distractions, as there usually are at these shows…namely, BABES!!!

Hunger had a hand in it as well, so, we ventured next door to good old Smiley’s Tap, one of our old hang-outs from years ago!! Nostalgia and my love of “old school” took me over there for a bite to eat…!! Good food, and good service combined to make my mealtime a real pleasure!!!

Lots of changes in that area down through the years…no more bike parking on US#1, and, no more babe in the bed of a pick-up truck hawking beer!!! Although, Smiley’s still featured their delicious, out-door afternoon meal…that was always a winner!!

I’d like to extend my thanks to both Broken Spoke, and Smiley’s for their hospitality, which included allowing me to park my HEMI  on the grounds of a biker event…(unheard of!!!) Made my job a lot easier, thanks guys!!! Made a few new friends, and, ran into a few old ones too…yes, I REALLY did!!! More adventures during Bike Week-2018…coming up…stay tuned…ride safe…stand by our vets and your country!!!

Miserable George

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