Sinclair Law

 We rolled in about 10:15 AM Thursday, Nov. 1, 2018, and what a pleasure it was…seeing all the people already there and all set up for an all-out FUN week-end!! I got my rig all set up, and traversed the grounds, looking for early photo-opps!!! AND, I got ‘em too!!

I was surprised at how fast the crowd was increasing, and preparing for the forth-coming week-end of FUN and FROLIC!!!

I turned in early to save my strength for what lay ahead…(little did I know!!!) Anyway, Friday dawned somewhat murky, pre-conditions for the big front that was heading our way, and, it arrived in a BIG way, with a down-burst, heavy rain, and at least 3 tornadoes sighted in the Lakeland area!! Needless to say, my camping rig was all but destroyed, bedding soaked, tent ruined, causing me to have to sleep in my truck for 2 days!!!! NOT GOOD for an old guy!! Surprisingly, right after the storm, the crowd DID  gather in front of the stage area…band was playing, vendors were selling, food and wares…everything back to normal. A storm did little to keep these bikers from having fun!! A welcoming ceremony took place, including a huge American Flag display, as well as banners representing all branches of our Military. The National Anthem was presented as was sounding of TAPS…very inspirational…!

    Saturday dawned sunny and a bit cooler…Corn-hole tourney going on, chili cookers getting set up, and a steady stream of riders at the gate…waiting to enter and join the action.Biker games were starting, including slow races, weenie bite, and the ever-popular Out-house Races…lots of action, after which, it was time to sample all that sweet smelling CHILI. Whew…time to cool it a bit, take a seat, listen to the bands, check out the babes that MC Pogo was interviewing on stage…that guy is an artist!!! Later, awards were given out for Corn Hole, body paint, and of course…the best chili. All this mixed in with arm wrestling, custom bike awards, pole dancing, and another Flag Ceremony, and several “beauty contests”…!!! Folks…something for everybody!!

I’d like to thank Roscoe, David, Liz, Steve, and the whole staff for their hospitality and a job WELL DONE. Hope to see you all in 2019…

Miserable George
Old School Biker Magazine