Sinclair Law

      I met my 3 friends out at Lone Cabbage, and, they led me over the tricky route on out to Roscoe’s Chili Challenge. Happy to say, we got our old spot from last year!!! Setting up the tents was a chore, but we finally did it, and had a bite to eat, before heading out to check the grounds.

Not too crowded yet, but the locals would be filing in tomorrow. Some good local bands started later on, as the crowd grew. The weather was perfect, and we had a good night’s sleep.

Lots more action on Friday…lots of good music. The crowd grew, and the girls were getting frisky, so I was pretty busy with the cameras. We found one of our favorite eating spots as hunger caught up with us. It was nice to see ol’ Roscoe cruising the grounds, usually with a few babes in the golf cart.  The crowd assembled in front of the stage on Friday night, which made for some very “interesting” photos.

Saturday dawned clear and warm for the chili cookers, and cook they did…!!! Lots of chili…some HOT, and some mild. While they cooked,  the biker games were happening…slow race, weeny bite, and out-house races..!! OK, now time to taste all that chili…!!! It didn’t take very long for the crowd to scarf it all up…I stuck to the MILD stuff..!!! Next came the Mini-bike races in which one girl was injured, and left in an ambulance…hope she was OK. I did spend some time resting over at my camp spot, so, I missed a few events…old age is catching up with me!!! Good music all day and into the night. The crowd mingled in front of the stage… there was the paying tribute to our armed forces, and the singing of the National Anthem and a nice display of the American Flag. I checked out the crowd and met several of my old friends. Time now to hit the sack…gotta tear down all the gear and head for home early Sunday.

My THANKS to Roscoe, David, and all who made this event the success it always is…in the TOP TEN Biker Parties in the U.S.

An uneventful trip home with lots of pleasant memories.

Hey, thank a VET today, and may GOD bless you all…

Miserable George