Sinclair Law

Well, Sat. ,April 6th. was a busy day for this old boy…we covered the Law Ride, and right after that, we boogied down to Melbourne to check out an event that the MOB had organized to “Save the Clubhouse”. Not sure what THAT means, but, there was a nice crowd there to participate. Live music…(never got the name of the band), food, drink…the works. Oh yeah, lots of gorgeous ladies too.

There will be another event coming up soon, with Biker Games….watch for that one…always exciting!

Oh, by the way, Sandra promised me Chicken ‘N Dumplings at the next event…!! Beautiful weather this time out too…hope it sticks around for awhile.

I thank the MOB for their hospitality.

Hey, thank a Vet, stand up for your country, and, we’ll see ya next time…

Miserable George

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