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Sat., Dec. 1, 2018, was the inaugural race on Space Coast Harley Davidson’s brand new dirt racing course, situated just across from the main showroom and stage, on their huge venue off I.95 in Palm Bay.

There were 3 classes:
Kids (up to 100CC)
-Adults(100CC and above)
-and HD(Sportsters).

OK, not the classes that the hard-core dirt racers are familiar with, but, a good start for this competition. One stand-out, was an 8 year-old girl, named Ella Dreher, a member of the Dreher Racing Family. Hey, here’s a little girl with possibilities….that kid could RIDE!!

Yes, the racing area DOES need a few up-grades, and I’m sure these will come in time, but, the action today was loud and dusty, with a few spills, (nobody was hurt), and winners did receive trophies and other prizes. There was a regular “riders meeting”, the usual forms to sign, and, mandatory helmets, plus an ambulance standing by… I really enjoyed the competition.

Also on the grounds, were many vendors, bands, and a toy collection center, plus free food and drinks. Hey…something to keep an eye on folks…I’m gonna!!!

Race results:
1st. Avery Dreher,
2nd. Ella Dreher,
3rd. Carter Dreher….

1st. Richie K.,
2nd. Dustin,
3rd. Jim Smyth, and

1st. Chris Crash,
2nd. Franco,
3rd. Jack the Ripper.

Miserable George & ValGal

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