Sinclair Law

   You can always count on the V-K Car Club to come up with an  enjoyable presentation of cars and motorcycles, and, Dec. 11, 2016, in Rockledge, Fl., was no exception…!

Although the weather was a bit threatening, with a light sprinkle or two, the crowd was nominal and seemed to be enjoying the show.

There was everything from sleek Shelby’s, to rusty, ragged, (but, super-powered) Rat Rods…and I’d say…everything in between!!!

I certainly enjoyed the afternoon, gazing wistfully at some super 392 HEMI powered monster street machines…Ya well, can’t have it all. I’ll have to settle for my own toned down HEMI…!! I love that truck!!!

Hey, keep yer eyes peeled for the next local car show….always very enjoyable…!  Support our VETS, and ride safely…

Miserable George

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