Sinclair Law

Ok this page continues the fun at George and Dragon English Pub in Cocoa Village! They are huge supporters of OSB Magazine so stop in and have a smoke(CIGAR that is…) and a cocktail…
They held a special Bike Night on Saturday night this weekend featuring Twisted Minds,Inc! What A SHOW! Always love to jam along with more of my friends in a band… Love me some TMI! IYKYK… Lots of friends showed up for the show from South Brevard, Thank you for the support y’all 😀
So I dragged my worn-out ass back home to get some rest for 2 more days of chasing the fun at events across Brevard County!
SO… Here we are, It Is Sunday in Brevard County… First thing is first and that was a trip to Lone Cabbage Fish Camp with Michelle to get our basket of shrimp! Yummy! Never have to worry about fake seafood here! Anyway… From Lone Cabbage we gathered up some more friends and rode to H&D Roadhouse on Merritt Island for some great music by The Sheepdawgz! They, too, are great friends and supporters of this magazine…
Getting the vibe yet…?
Frank OG seems to never stop… Does he play in his sleep Kate? LOL… The Sheepdawgz are PACKED with talent and we LOVE THEM ALL! AND he also plays with Twisted Minds too!
We love you Frank!
We left H&D Roadhouse rocking to catch up with some friends from Mid Life Crisis Duo doing open mic at Pinto;s… Pinto’s is having it’s 27th year! CONGRATS Cathy Miller!
Thank you for your continued support!
Well after all this anyone that knows me knows it was time to end the day… POOPED 😀
Next we went to the American Legion 359 but that will be in a separate story

ENJOY Valgal