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As Val and I approached the assembly area for the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall Escort event of April 30, 2017, at BCC  on Clearlake Rd., we could readily see just how large an event this was gonna be!!

Motorcycles were streaming onto the grounds steadily the whole time we were there! Police officers from several local communities were there to assure a smooth running exodus from the BCC Grounds, south on U.S.#1, to the Wall site at Wickham Park, in Melbourne, Fl.

Just after Val and I left to secure our photo shooting spot at Pineda Crossing Bridge, the huge column began its swift, steady, well managed journey to Wickham Park. I’m told that there were  851 machines in the actual column!! It seemed like a lot more, as it took about 30 minutes or so to pass our photo spot!!

Upon arrival at the park, work immediately began on the setting up of the iconic structure, but, with the many hands offering help, the task was completed in record time. Cold drinks were served, as well as  food for all the helpers. Now, would begin a solid week of patriotic activities at the Park. A big THANK YOU to all who helped…without your help, this event could not take place. GOD bless America!!

Miserable George

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