Bare Bone Rides Custom 1979 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer Build (Fired-up and Running)

The boyz at BBR (Bare Bone Rides, Inc.) finished this build back in November of 2011.

It started off as a CB750 that we picked-up at an Insurance Auction. Solid motor and no frame damage – just needed a new tank and new handle bars … a perfect platform for a custom Cafe Racer style build!

Check out more photos, some history and the trophy this bike took at a recent show at    or on our facebook page at  .

Thanks for looking folks – we definitely appreciate your time … and your feedback! The current owner purchased her from us via ebay … and he is local so we see this bike a lot in the neighborhood – he still can’t wipe that grin off his face every time we see him!!!

Nostalgia at the Redfish Inn 2004 Flashback by Miserable George

This place has had many names down through the years,

and back in 2004, it was the Redfish Inn, and, a very popular watering hole on U.S.#1 in Cocoa, Fl, near the flea market. It seems that there was always something interesting going on…from spaghetti wrestling, to a mini-concert by Big Mike Griffin, and TV’s “good ol’ boy”…Mickey Jones.

The weather was as variable as the entertainment…beautiful for awhile, then, a whopper blowing in off the Space Center!! But, one thing you could always count on, was a banner crowd, to partake of the entertainment, the pretty girls, and the good food!!

The place still boasts all these things today, but, with a different name…”The Oyster Bar”…on U.S.#1, just north of Cocoa, Fl. Tell ‘em Old School Biker” sent ya…OK?

Miserable George

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George Denson’s 1980 Shovel by ValGal


Cool Old Pan by ValGal “What year is this?”

ValGal saw this beautiful old pan in a parking lot recently and grabbed these shots.

For those of you (like me) who bitch about the studio shots and the factory customs, you are gonna love this one. They can have all the shiny crap that they want. This is my dream bike.

Anyway, enjoy and remember that no matter how much somebody rubs a shiny new bike, Ain’t no genie gonna pop out!

Ride Safe
Staff –

Eric Culbertson’s 2007 Big Twin Evo by ValGal

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$25k and 2500 miles does not make you a biker

The chances of dropping your bike are proportionate to the number of people watching.

The beauty of this is that we have all dropped ’em a time or two and it’s fun to know that we are not alone.

I hope none of these folks got hurt too bad. $25k and 2500 miles does not make you a biker.

Looking Back… By Miserable George

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