20th Annual Critter Run by Miserable George

  I gotta say, Ol’ Man Weather came up with a perfect day for the 20th. Annual Critter Run, starting at the Brevard Humane Society, out on Cox Road. This run was dedicated to Sally Frey, a long-time supporter, who passed away recently…very sad not to see her at the sign-in table, but, I believe she was up there smiling down on us. They tell me there were over 75 riders, safely guided off the grounds by trusty road-guard…Patches!!!  The run ended at H&D Roadhouse, on Merritt Island, a long-time mecca for area bikers. Riders were treated to a live band, door prizes, an auction, AND…food!! Prizes were awarded for best, worst, and, mystery hands!! A special award was presented to H&D owner, Harry Vigliano, for all he does to benefit area bikers, and indeed, ALL his customers!! All in all, a perfect day. Thanks to Harry, Deb, and the staff at H&D…you are the best!!

Miserable George & Valgal

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CHURCH OF CHOP by Miserable George

I’d say the weather was about as good as you’d want for a Rat Rod Show…Church of Chop presented their 8th. Annual show at Iron Horse Saloon on US#1 in Ormond Beach…SO…ValGal and I HEMI’d up there to take in the sights!!! And what sights there were!!!! Babes, cars, bikes, and a live band to keep the blood flowin’!! Lots of PIN-UP Girls prancing around, eager to please with some VERY GOOD pictures!! Several of the bikers staged a smoky burn-out duel, and where there’s smoke, there’s fire, as per our friend Wild Bill and his flat-head Caddy powered Chevy LP gas pick-up, belching flames about 10 feet high!!!  I tell ya…the grounds around the Iron Horse were covered with roaring hot rods, rats and bikes. Plenty to eat and drink too!! A full day of pure fun. All winners received hand made trophies. They tell me that this was the last year for this particular event. You’ll have to contact Church of Chop to get the full details of this. I for  one, am sorry to see it go. We had a blast, thanks guys for a fabulous show!!!

Miserable & ValGal

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WARM-FULL-SAFE by Miserable George

There’s really not enough that we can do for our combat veterans, and, the National Veterans Homeless Support…(NVHS) stages this event at Legion Post #1, just north of Titusville, Fl. It’s a run, with sign-up points in several places around the Space Coast. This year, it took place on Nov. 26, 2017, on a picture perfect day. Upwards of 150 riders participated, plus, many supporters, partaking of good food, drink, raffles, 50/50, along with the King of Brevard DJ’S…DOC HOLIDAY, himself, a veteran!! Participating clubs and organizations were: Bunker Riders, Blue Knights, Legion Riders, Nam Knights, Booze Fighters, Wild Dogs, River Rats, Eagle Riders, Combat Vets. Assn., Recon Riders, U.S. Military Vets., Patriot Guard Riders, and, the Old Bastards of Brevard. If I missed anyone, I am truly sorry!! All proceeds go to helping homeless veterans with housing and food, to help minimize that “lost feeling” that so often prevails among combat veterans when they return. Most of the money won by riders and raffle winners, was donated back to the NVHS!! Very heart-warming indeed. Our special THANKS to Legion Post#1, NVHS, and to all who made this event a success!!! God Bless you all…!

Miserable George & ValGal

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Derelicts  Car  Club…Indian River Rumble #6 by by Miserable George

November 11, 2017, started out a bit on the “iffy” side weather wise, but, as luck would have it, the day turned out beautiful.

Upwards of 75 custom cars and motorcycles turned out for the 6th. Annual Indian River Rumble,

held again at American Legion Post #1, just north of Titusville, Fl. on U.S.#1.

Nice crowd, with live bands “Deadbolt”, and “Dead-Eyed Suburbanites” jamming all day!! Hungry…? They had super good hot dogs and hamburgers, and drinks from A to Z!!! Lots of beautiful door prizes too, AND, hand made trophies to all the class winners!  As always, we ran into some old friends, and really had a good time. As far as the cars…I believe the pictures tell it all!!

Thanks to the Derelict Car Club for another outstanding event, and to Post #1 for their on-going hospitality!

Miserable George

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TINA and TALINA by Miserable George

It’s not too often that I get the chance to shoot a mother and daughter in the same day, at the same event, but, at the Indian River Rumble recently…we did it!! Talina (daughter) and her Mom, Tina, picked out their favorite cars, and struck a few poses!!! This little session really topped off a very enjoyable day for this old guy!!!!

Miserable George

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“LITTLE GIRL” at ROSCOE’S by Miserable George

I met this beautiful lady at Roscoe’s Chili Challenge…she goes by the name “Little Girl”. She’s from the Pompano Beach area. I named her “The Jewel of Trinidad”, and I guess you can see why!!!

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2017 by Miserable George

We pulled into ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2017 on Thursday morning at 10AM, and, the place was already bustling with activity…bikes moving in and out, campers setting up for the week-end, vendors preparing for business, the sound man hooking up the system…etc!!! Looked good!!! Best part was, the food vendors were open!!! After setting up our camp, my partners, Jay and Donny, and I, made a bee-line for John’s Heavenly Hotdogs and pigged out!!! Later, I traversed the perfectly manicured camping area, looking for people that I might know…and…I found them!!  It’s nice hooking up with friends that you’ve not seen in about year. I might add, that the weather was perfect!! Also, time for this old guy to rest up for a big day on Friday!!

    No actual events planned for Friday, but, there was live music, and a pretty steady stream of riders entering, and searching out that “perfect” camping spot! I might add here, that the main camp area was serviced by 50 Potra-lets, as was the more “primitive” area across the bridge, and the main vendor and activities areas in front of the stage. The units were serviced regularly too!!! Several good eating stands, a bar for adult beverages, as well as

MANY merchandise vendors…jewelry, biker related items, T-shirts, a lady sewing on patches, a man doing pin-striping, and a very interesting Kettle Corn thing, ,managed by 2 gorgeous babes, turning out bushels of pop corn!! I probably missed a few…sorry!!

    Saturday morning saw the on-going horseshoe matches, plus…of course…the cooking of the chili. Li’l Hank had the big Roscoe cauldron bubbling away in no time!! Meanwhile, across the yard, Geoff was getting the biker games started. Slow race, weenie bite, and of course, the biggie…the Out-house Races!! Pretty soon,

the aroma of fresh cooked chili took over, and the crowd formed long lines to get some and DIG IN!!! Again, several different varieties of home-made RED to suit everyone’s taste!!

And again…I over-did it!!! AND…free beer to wash it all down!! Following the scarfing down of the chili, the mini-bikes started warming up for some exciting racing…in a new location this year, but, none-the-less exciting. One guy got knocked clean out…he was OK, but a bit rattled!!! After a period of rest and relaxation, there was arm wrestling, a tattoo contest, a body paint contest, and this year…yes…a “Beauty Contest”, plus lots of pole dancing. Trophies and awards were given out for all the competitive events. The official welcoming events included the National Anthem, and playing of “Taps”, plus a display of all the U.S. service banners…a very emotional tribute to our Armed Forces…no “kneelers” here!!! Live music continued till the wee hours, and, all too soon, another edition of Roscoe’s Chili Challenge was history!!  We had a blast, and, working with Don Rogers from Easyriders Magazine was a pleasure too!!  My thanks to David, Roscoe, Pogo, Mike, Geoff, Steve, Liz, and the entire crew who made this a Chili Challenge to remember. Also “Little Girl”, Laura, Kim, Tammy, and Kayla, and all the other ladies who really sparked up my time at the big party. If I forgot anything…please forgive me! Looking forward to my 27th. party next year. Hey, ride safe, remember our vets…

Miserable George

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