Billy Lane’s SONS OF SPEED by Miserable George

I gotta admit, THIS is the event I always really get very excited over…the Billy Lane-Sons of Speed old time board-tracker style bike races, at New Smyrna Speedway, in Samsula, Fl…held at both Biketoberfest, and Bike Week.

Our report doesn’t even scratch the surface of the action at the track. You gotta BE THERE, to take in the sounds and smells, as well as the images, created by these awesome machines, some of them nearly 100 years old!!!

Due to some sprinkles early in the day, the track had to be dried off to make it safe for the action later in the day. That being accomplished, the warm-ups and tune-up runs began. What a rush to watch and listen to those old machines, wingin’ it around the racing oval..! Luckily…no mishaps on the track, however, one machine blew a cylinder head clean off…!! Crazy!!!

After all the qualifying and the heats,

the final results were:

  • 1st. place-45’s…DougYoung….
  • 1st. Place stock ‘61’s…Jody Perewitz….
  • 1st. Place Hot 61’s…Tod Cochran


All in all, a fabulous day at the track. I gotta thank Billy Lane for his unmatched hospitality, and the Score Girls for putting up with me!!!  Hey, stand up for your country, and, GOD bless our Vets…they made all this possible…

Miserable George

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**New Pics** TROPICAL TATTOO CHOPPER SHOW by Miserable George and ValGal

I’ve been attending this event for a good many years now, Biketoberfest, and Bike Week both, and the weather usually varies somewhere between hot and cold, BUT, this year for Biketoberfest, 2018, I think we broke a heat record…!! I mean, it was down-right UNBEARABLE. Even in the limited shady area…it was HOTTTT…!!

Even in the un-GODLY heat, the crowd was pretty nice for Biketoberfest…down a bit (of course) from regular Bike Week, but,

there was no shortage of beautiful, hand built, custom machines.

Ah, and of course, there were BABES!!! Maybe, THEY brought in SOME of that heat.

Big Rick, and the Troublemakers provided the swingin’ sounds, beer and hard iced tea stands (I guess), helped to quench at least a little bit of the thirst.

Gotta thank Wild Bill for a ride in his one-of-a-kind ‘40 Caddy Rat Rod…natural AC…(no windshield!!) I tell ya, we stuck it out as long as we could…got pics of the winners, but, not of the trophy presentations…sorry…just too HOT for this old boy.

Our thanks to Willie, and Roadside Marty for their usual fabulous event.

Hey, remember our VETS, and stand up for your country….

Miserable George & ValGal

George’s Pics

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Val’s pics

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Lake Poinsette Breast Cancer Run by Valgal

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Well, I did something today…Oct. 13, 2018…that I don’t usually do…I screwed up…big time!! True, we DID hit the Biker Day at Legion Post #1, just after 1 PM. THAT part was fine!! The live band, Gypsy Rain was blasting away, folks were dancing, food was available, as were tickets for a raffle and 50/50…nice crowd there!! HOWEVER, we had planned to hit the car show at Fox Lake Park as well, but, not realizing that it had started at 10AM, when we arrived there just after 2PM…most of the entrants had departed…! DAMN!!!

Now, Fox Lake Park, being the beautiful place that it is, tempted a few groups to hang around awhile, so, we managed to capture several pics of some beautiful cars as well as the scenic surroundings. I searched for alligators, but, found none!! BUT, I did capture a brace of Sand Hill Cranes, feeding by a pond, so, the day was not a COMPLETE loss!! Sorry folks, but, these things DO happen from time to time. I will strive to make sure that this won’t happen again.

Hey, stand up for your country, and GOD BLESS the USA!!!

Miserable George

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Driven By Heart – Ride For The Girls SCHD Breat Cancer Run by Valgal

Over 500 bikes showed up to help support the cause… Breast Cancer…


This damn cancer has touched our lives in one way or another!

Well we came together as bikers usually do, to show great support for our tatas.

Thank you to everyone that had a hand in making this ride a success…and thank you to Space Coast Harley Davidson for their generosity… Enjoy, be safe…


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A BENEFIT FOR BRIAN by Miserable George

H&D Roadhouse comes through, yet again……


Most of us will never experience what Brian Tafoya is experiencing right now….waiting for a new heart…!

And again,

Harry and Debbie and the crew at H&D Roadhouse, pulled out all the stops by providing a venue for this huge benefit party to help Brian with all the expenses connected with with this up-coming operation.

There were many door prizes to bid on, a 50/50, non-stop music(live) all day, food and drink, AND…babes…man, I tell ya…if only I were 30 years younger..!!

Even the ol’ weatherman cooperated, with a top notch beautiful day. We certainly wish Brian all the best…may GOD be with him through this ordeal. AND…a huge THANK YOU to H&D Roadhouse. Hey, be safe out there, and, stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

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Annual Memorial Run. Remembering Family & Friends by Valgal

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More of Lauren by Valgal

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Lauren on Adam’s Chopper by Valgal

The engine and drivetrain are Ultima. 113 ci 120hp engine, 3.35″ Primary belt drive. 255 mm Rear tire, Air Ride rear suspension. Custom Hydro dipped with candy orange paint.

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This past July, Cliff was stricken with a massive stroke, and blood clots, and is now under treatment at Holmes Regional…his bill will be astronomical, and so, a benefit was held at Legion Post #1, on US#1, just north of Titusville, Fl., on Sept. 15, 2018.

The huge crowd participated in an auction, 50/50, a raffle, and was treated to a car and motorcycle show. Hungry….?? There was a big food van there to take care of THAT!!! Entertainment was supplied by the Vintage Band, featuring singer, “Brittany”, who belted out a real mean song. Her rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” had me ‘Tearing Up” just a bit…!!!

Cliff’s lovely daughter, Brittany Bonnichsen, hustled around the grounds all day long, making sure everything was running smoothly…AND…it did…!!! Awards were presented to winners in the car and motorcycle competition.

The out-door bar and lounge was jumpin’ all day, with welcome fans to cool it down a bit!! All in all, a fun day for a very worthy cause. Cliff, we wish you all the best for a speedy recovery…

Miserable George & ValGal

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