LIZZY and a ‘32 Three Window by Miserable George

With a good weather report to go by, we set the White, ‘32 Three Window Coupe up in Jimmie’s yard…our stunning model was ready too, BUT, it was not to be!!! Along with a few distant rumbles of thunder, the big drops started to fall, and we had a major shower on our hands, AND, all over the car!! SO, we decided to shoot pretty, little Lizzy making herself busy inside Jim’s garage…just puttering around, (to our delight)…!!! We took a lunch break, and returned to some better weather in Jim’s back yard…finally!! As you can see, Liz did a bang-up job making that pretty car look even prettier!! It’s a 1932 Ford, 3-window coupe, powered by a Ford 351 Big Block racing engine, coupled to a C6 Automatic tranny, and a Ford 9” rear. It also features power windows and seats, and AC…AND…it’s FAST…!!! Yeah, it was a HOT day at Jim McKeon’s Hot Rod Garage, in Cocoa, Fl. Hmmmmm, was it the weather, or, something else that made it so hot!!!  I’ve drawn a conclusion on that, but, I ain’t talkin’…!!! Our thanks to Jim and Liz for a FUN DAY!!!

Miserable George

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