LEATHERNECKS MC 2019 by Miserable George

We had just gotten wind of this event about a week ago, and,

knowing of the Leathernecks MC’s reputation of throwing a GOOD party….well we checked it out, and certainly were NOT disappointed…!

As always, the food and liquids were top notch, along with a new pop-corn machine, and of course…the infamous BIKE-WASH GIRLS!!!! Elle and Elisha were busy all during the party time…hey, I even had MY HEMI washed…! Folks, when you hear of a Leatherneck’s gig…make sure you don’t miss it….these men are primo!!!  Thanks for your hospitality, Leathernecks, and let us know when the next event comes up. Ride safe everyone, and stand up for your country…

Miserable George

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Warlocks of Brevard….Valentine’s Day Massacre by Miserable George

Unlike the event of 90 years ago, in Chicago’s North Side, there was peace and Brotherhood at the Warlocks of Brevard clubhouse in Cocoa, Fl., on Feb. 9, 2019. Despite the intermittent  rain, a nice crowd turned out, most of them riding…!!! Lots of good food, and a cute bar-maid certainly helped to raise the comfort level of the group. If you wanted to, there was a make-shift fire container outside to warm you up…!!  All in all, a pleasant way to spend a rainy evening…!!! Thank you, Warlocks of Brevard for your hospitality…

Miserable George

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COCOA WARLOCKS  MC..37 years!!! By Miserable George

It was my pleasure, on January 12, 2019, to be invited to the Cocoa Warlocks’ 37 year Anniversary Party at the clubhouse in Cocoa, Fl. I got there a little after 7PM, and the place was just about parked full…!! Despite the chilly weather, bikes lined both sides of the street by the CH…!! The cooks were busy out front, cooking up goodies on a large grill, while inside, a huge crowd was doing their best to partake of the burgers, salads, pork, sausage, and many different kinds of sweets…cookies, cake, etc…!! It was all barmaid, Gina, could do to keep the cold ones coming…!!! All the ingredients of a damn good party!!! Several WMC Chapters were present, as well as out-of-townwers; I met a bunch of Bros and Sisters whom I hadn’t seen for quite awhile. All in all, a nice way to spend a few hours. My congratulations to the Chapter, and best wishes indeed to the Warlock Nation. Thanks for having me…

Miserable George

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BIKE DAY at POST #1 by Miserable George

It had been quite awhile since I had hit Bike Day at Legion Post#1, on US#1, just north of Titusville Fl. Although a bit on the cool side, the weather wasn’t really too bad, and it made for a nice turn-out of scooter ridin’ bros and sisters. The food was something different: 3 BIG tacos for $6…your choice of beef or chicken…you add the fixin’s. I gotta say, they filled me up!!! The band, “Mid-life Crisis” was pounding out the sounds, with a few cute female vocalists…even had some shufflers out there…warming up I guess!! The usual 50/50, and a “Basket of Cheer” drawing made some riders pretty happy.

    We’d especially like to thank POST #1 for their contribution to our(OSB magazine) cause!!! A big help…thanks again…!!  I left there with a full stomach and a smile on my face…the results of a really nice party!!! Remember our troops, and stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George

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HARRY & DEBBI….H&D ROADHOUSE… by Miserable George

This place has had several owners, as well as names down through the years…Pelican Creek Pub, Smokehouse Saloon, and, others which escape me. Owners too, the last one before Harry, was Tony…further back than that…I’m at a loss. Harry and Deb acquired the place in 2011, and labeled it H&D Roadhouse.Almost immediately, the place gained momentum as a friendly biker bar. Improvements were made to the building in general, as well as the back yard, a deck was built, plus a tidy little serving bar. Weeds were cleared to improve parking, and a new, huge sign went up out front.

H&D became an ending spot for poker runs and many, many, benefit events for unfortunate bikers who needed a lift up. Food was available at all events…no charge…bands were invited to play, and show their stuff…and yes…a new backyard stage has just been put into operation.

Every third Saturday is BBQ day…donations appreciated. There were Hoe-Down, and Hula Hoop nights as well.

Harry and Deb had to struggle through a recent family tragedy, the tragic loss of daughter Rachel. Friends were there to help, but, the scars still have not yet completely healed. Through both thick and thin, Harry and Deb have persevered …always ready to lend a hand. These are REAL PEOPLE…people whom you’ll get to love, the better you get to know them…so…stop in sometime…

1811 E. SR 520, Merritt Island, FL…

have a cold one, and get acquainted with this fabulous couple and their friendly staff…you’ll thank us here at OSB Magazine. GOD BLESS YOU, Harry and Deb, and may good fortune be YOURS…you guys are THE best…!!!!

Miserable George

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