PULSATING PAULA by Miserable George

 The Biker World has lost one of the BEST….Pulsating Paula has crossed over to Paradise.

She was the Mistress of Black & White photography…she had a very special way of capturing bikers on B&W film

and indeed color as well, but, B&W was her forte.

I met her back in the 70’s at the Hillclimb in Freemansburg, PA. We bumped into each other at Bike Week in Daytona, at the Reading MC Bash, and of course, at the Vous in upstate NY. Not only was she a fantastic photographer, but, she was quite a model too.

We will miss her…her smile, her work, and her out-going pleasing personality…she was the BEST!!!

Rest in Peace my friend….

Miserable George

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Shriners Toy Run 2019 by Valgal

Well this year’s Shriners Toy Run, I would say, was a success….  Over 600 motorcycles and lots of cages coming to Space Coast Harley to drop toys for our kids was an awesome sight to see… No matter what, the kids come first…

The bands were awesome and the food was plentiful… FREE BEER TOO! Gotta love when Shriners are helping!

Keith Kormann and his boys from Bad Influence Kustoms had a bike show… Awesome Indian was chosen by me to be the winner… It was different from any other, Beautiful bike, Congrats. Ralph Robinson…

Keep the rubber on the road and I hope you enjoy these photos because we sure did have a BLAST taking them…

Please ride safe and ENJOY Christmas…

Valgal and Miserable George

BAD APPLE RAT RODS by Miserable George

Saturday, Nov. 30, 2019 was just about a perfect day weather-wise, so, ValGal and I motored up to the old Iron Horse Bar in Ormond Beach, for the Bad Apple Rat Rod Show. It started around 3PM, so many of the entries at the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona, motored up to Bad Apple after THEIR showing in Daytona. Two good shows in one afternoon for the car people…!!! Nice crowd there enjoyed a live band, food, the fabulous Iron Horse bars, easy parking right next door, and of course…babes…!!! Lots of good looking bikes there too, and an antique fire engine parked out front. It’s always a blast too, to venture up on the over-head walk-way to check out the grounds. Long about late afternoon, this old boy got tired from all the walking, so, we left, and missed the judging…sorry. Old age is a real bummer!!! BUT, it was a good day all around.

Hey, thank a VET today, and, stand up for your country…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

Valgal’s pics

CRITTER RUN 2019 by Miserable George

The weather forecast for Nov. 24, 2019, was not TOO favorable…at least not in the morning, however, after some early showers, the sky DID turn mostly blue, and, the run was on!! Most of the 131 sign-ins were at the last minute, but, we squeaked them in. Many brought pet food, and other necessities. There was cake and goodies  in the front office, and a lovely little lady-Mac- was out front selling T-shirts. We missed our Traffic Lady, Patches, this year…she was side-lined with some health issues, BUT, she promises to return next time!! The run ended at H&D Roadhouse on SR 520 on Merritt Island, where the staff had some very tasty food waiting, plus the usual array of cold stuff to wash the dust away…!!! All of the run winners donated their money winnings back to the Humane Society…very generous indeed…!! The live entertainment consisted of “Jam Bands”, which got the job done very nicely. There were several items up for auction as well, which brought in a tidy sum to aid the animals..!!! I’d say it was a very enjoyable day all around. Thanks to Harry, Debbie, and Tayla, and  the crew, and the Humane Society reps for a very pleasant day.

Thank a Vet today, and, God Bless America…!!

Miserable George & ValGal

EZ Benefit Ride by Valgal

The Dragon Slayers threw a party/benefit this weekend to help their fellow brother EZ get thru some tough times… That’s what bikers do for each other… I have never seen such unity than I have seen with us bikers! I love our family…My daughter Jessica even came to this bash and had a BLAST!!! Jasper and the boys of Twisted Minds Inc. Rocked it !! and when Glenn from Midlife Crisis plays with them things GO OFF!!!… Again, UNITY! We all work together to help each other out! We need to remember this in the tough times coming… But when it was all said and done, it was a HUGE success!…

Hang in there and Always be safe and careful out there…ENJOY


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WARM-FULL-SAFE by Miserable George

After weeks of 80 plus temps, Warm-Full-Safe-2019, got blasted with cold, wet, and miserable weather…however, that did not seem to deter the large group of riders who roared into Legion Post #1 on Nov. 17, 2019.

Hot food and warm space heaters helped deter the cold, although, many riders preferred COLD refreshment!!! There was an auction and a motorcycle raffle to try your luck, plus a 50/50 drawing, AND, the Henderson Bros. Band…and yes, people were dancing!!!

All proceeds went to the National Veterans Homeless Support organization, to help provide a pleasant Christmas for homeless Vets. This was the 10th. year for this event, and, despite the nasty weather, I’d say was a success!!

Folks, we just cannot do enough for our Veterans, because, without them, we may not even be here…!!

GOD BLESS them all..!

Stand up for your country, thank a vet., and stay safe…

Miserable George

Lake Poinsette Trump Rally by Valgal and Miserable George

The Lake Poinsette Trump Rally was a great success today…We patriots got together like the brothers and sisters we are to celebrate our faith in our President… Good food, great music and a good time was had for sure… I felt comfortable wearing my red Trump hat here!

I know some of you will not agree with us but that is OK… Really, it is OK to agree to disagree and still be friends.



Miserable George’s Pics

ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE…2019 by Miserable George

 My friend, Jay and I, rolled into Roscoe’s Chili Challenge on Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019, anticipating a crazy, action filled week-end, and, that’s exactly what we got!! It was the biggest “first day” crowd ever! Weather was good, however they did expect a cold front on Friday with possible showers, which we got Friday night. Most of the vendors were set up and doing business to the beat of live bands now performing almost non-stop, getting the growing crowd into a party mood!! As always, the body painters were busy the entire week-end, doing their usual fabulous work. A group of Vietnam Vets performed a “support tactic” that really grabbed me and many others as well. It’s because of men such as those, that we are all here today…GOD BLESS them, always. Opening ceremonies honored all branches of the Armed Forces, the National Anthem, Taps, the unfurling of a brand new American flag, as well as several patriotic songs….and, NO ONE “took a knee”…!!  Saturday started out with a corn-hole tourney, and across the way…CHILI was now being brewed…ahhh, what an aroma!! Next came the Outhouse Nationals, the burn-out pit, mini-bike racing, and a bike show…all leading up to sampling of the now-ready CHILI!!! AND…Jennie finally got me my de-caf coffee!! What a darling she was!!! More live music, then, trophy and awards presentations!! Famed MC, Pogo, had the ladies all fired up to the delight of the crowd, and, they even got Roscoe up on stage to give him a hand. The usual huge Sat. night crowd took over in front of the main stage, and, the PARTY was ON!!! I wanna thank Roscoe, David, Steve, (and Steve), and all the folks who helped make the Chili Challenge another fabulous success. If I forgot anyone, (or anything), I certainly do apologize. Thanks JAY for the loan of a huge tent, and all the help you gave me. Hope to see you all next year…

Miserable George

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22nd Annual Biker Bash by Valgal

Another Biker Bash has come and gone with great success … The Warlocks have been helping charities for years and Nana’s House is one of their charities… Nana’s House is a 100% community funded Christian Children’s Home. All their funds raised go to care for children. They do not get state funding so they need to depend on US to help. They care for children in ways their parents or the state can’t… With Love. So please if you can help click the links available below and ask how you can help…

Thank you ENJOY

 If you would like to help contact Kim Frodge at 321-724-5111 or email:

UNCHAINED KINGS…second annual party by Miserable George

The Unchained Kings celebrated their second year anniversary with a blow-out on Nov.2, at their CH on Coconut Dr. in Cocoa, Fl. Helping in the festivities were Warlocks MC, Fallen Few MC, Wrecking Crew, U.S. Military Vets MC, Armed Forces MC,  Shadow Hunterz MC, Road Tramps MC (from NY), a Bro from the Scorpions MC (from LA,Cal.) Spirit Riders MC, and a rep from B.A.C.A. Entertaining the gang was Kel-Marie & Canaan, a pleasing duo, belting out what I call contemporary sounds…very relaxing. There was a slow race out on Coconut Dr., and back on the grounds, a burn-out contest. Smoky, but fun!! A set of Jenga Blocks kept several people busy for a time as well. I was busy eye-ballin’ the bar maids who did a few numbers on the pole…HOT!!! Thanks, Mylo and Amber!!! There were several door prizes, and some very tasty food. All in all, an enjoyable way to spend an evening. I’d like to thank 350 and the whole crew for their hospitality. BTW, their CH is open every Wed. at 8PM if ya feel like socializing. Stand up for your country, and, thank a Vet. today….

Miserable George