Harley Rendezvous Classic 2019 by Rick Kline

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THREE ANGELS BALL by Miserable George

As usual, this time of the year, weather is a huge factor in the success of an outdoor event, such as the THREE ANGELS BALL Poker Run, which ended at Legion Post 117 in Malabar. This year, the weatherman DID cooperate!!! It was blistering HOT, but, no rain…at least at Post 117…not sure about out on the run, however…!! Nice crowd…over 100 sign-ins, plenty of parking and lots of picnic tables, plus, paddle boats on their large pond. There was bidding on a bunch of prize baskets, door prizes, a  50/50, and of course, poker run money, all donated back by each of the winners…thanks folks. Food was good, and plentiful, with 2 locations for the cold stuff!! Also, two corn hole areas which were busy all afternoon. Thanks too, to Doc Holiday and a solo performer for some (always) excellent entertainment…!! Sorry, I never did get the solo man’s name…I stood the overpowering heat as long as I could, then, I hit the road for home. Good day all around. Hey, support the under-privileged kids of Brevard County through THREE ANGELS….thanks…!

Miserable George

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Crossroads Car Show by Miserable George

On the way up to this show, Val and I were pretty worried about what the weather would be when we got there. We hit rain on I.95, and could see nasty looking clouds all around us, but, by the grace of the BIG WEATHERMAN in the SKY, NO rain at the show, out on SR 44 in Samsula…nasty looking clouds…BUT…no rain. It was our first time out there, and, we were really impressed by the huge number of cars, trucks, and motorcycles on display! Admission was free, as was the food offered by the Crossroads Christian Church, on whose grounds the show took place. Mustangs seemed to dominate, so, we tried to present more of the more unusual looking vehicles…nothing against Ford, of course!!! Val likes Jeeps, so they kept HER busy. Me…? I’m a HEMI man!!! All in all, a good show. We put up with the blistering heat as long as we could, then it was off to an air conditioned restaurant for a Father’s Day treat…thanks Val!!! Hey, support our troops, and…stand up for our country…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

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Sunday, May 19, 2019, was a pretty exciting day for ValGal and myself. Thanks to Greg Baugh, of AMRA, we got on the coveted gate list at Orlando Speedworld, for their motorcycle drag races. Sadly, the crowd was minimal…we don’t know the reason behind that…maybe the weather…who knows. It was beastly hot and humid, and those miserable love bugs didn’t help matters any. All that, not-with-standing, we had a blast…! We toured the pits…got close-up looks at the machines. Did you know that a drive chain for a top fuel machine costs over $800…!!?? And, THAT’s just the beginning…!!! Add fuel, oil, tires, and of course, parts…all at premium prices for a machine capable of speeds of well over 200MPH. Our friend, Don Becker was there, but didn’t fare too well…next time, Don…you can do it…!! I went down to the finish line to try to capture the machines as they hit the lights, but, my equipment fell a bit short….those bikes are MOVING when they cross that finish line…but…we did nail a few!!! Oh yeah, we did meet Jay Turner, NHRA Top Fuel champ, and a group from Pennsylvania whom we were acquainted with. When we obtain the winner’s list, we will pass it on to you. Thanks to Rich Stetson, and the track announcer for giving OSB a plug over the PA system…!!! The wind-up of the program was a bit hectic, as there was bad weather rapidly moving in, but we made it without getting wet. We appreciate what the crew did for us…thanks again guys!!!

Miserable George & ValGal
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Moving Wall Reunion 2019 by ValGal

Moving Wall Reunion 2019

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