Beaver Bar FUN! by Valgal

I can not describe how much FUN it is to go and see your friends play music at such an awesome bar and event! Twisted Minds has done it AGAIN! Their show at the Beaver Bar after Midwest Cycles bike show was EPIC!!!  I managed to get a few bikes shot from the show!  The people were leaving the show only to pass MORE people coming IN to see Twisted Minds, Inc.! 

We here in Brevard County are so proud to share with you our Twisted Minds,Inc with you… They make family everywhere they go! Please go see them if you come to Cacklebery Campground this Bike Week They will also be at the Beaver Bar in Myrtle Beach Bike Rally! Make sure to stop in and tell them OSB sent ya! ENJOY! 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from TMI!


Our Twisted Minds, Inc. by Valgal

Ok friends I need to introduce to you my brothers… The members of the band Twisted Minds, Inc. Jasper is the lead singer, Glen is on guitar with Ricky as well, Frank OG is on bass and Chris is the drummer. These men have been KILLING IT in Brevard County for years!… To my Daytona friends… PLEASE go out of your way to see these guys at The Beaver Bar this Sunday! AND at Cacklebery Campground for Bike Week!
What you will see when you do go is a group of friends entertaining their FAMILY! These guys are so true and dedicated to the craft but that you can read when you pick up a copy of LiveWire Magazine at Sully’s Backstreet in Melbourne…
I of course speak with my photography, so here are just SOME pictures I have taken over the years since they entered my life… I need these boys to fill a huge hole in my heart and they do a GREAT job with Love Support and ROCK AND ROLL!!!


Space Coast Chopper Show by Valgal

What a great show! Thanks for bringing the Space Coast Chopper Show and all these beautiful bikes to Brevard County Frank! The weather was just wonderful!! It was a very colorful day for the first bike show of the year in these parts! It sure did get my mind going to see more of this kind of thing down here! Brevard County has a huge old school scene not many get to see except for days like this… The talent is endless… I hope y’all enjoy these photos, I have been laying low lately cuz of some personal shit going on with me… Hang in there I’m not ready to go just YET!!! Stay tuned for some more from me in Valgal On The Run… 

WMC….Valentine’s Day Massacre By Miserable George

Back in 1929 in this country, the mobs fought constantly for control of all the various ways to make money during Prohibition, and on Feb. 14th., 1929, members of the “Bugs” Moran group were gunned down in North Chicago. This became known as The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Now, for one reason or another, the Warlocks MC…Brevard Co. Chapter, chooses to commemorate this date with an annual party at their clubhouse on SR 520, in Cocoa, Fl. As luck would have it, the weather turned beautiful, with warm temps, and no rain, leading to a nice group in attendance. Lots of the cold stuff, plus a breakfast documented food menu of eggs, waffles, biscuits and gravy, and, sausage….very tasty…all of it…!!! We bumped into several old friends, which is always nice. My thanks to WMC…Brevard Co. Chapter, for an enjoyable evening. Ride safe, and thank a VET today…

Miserable George…Old School Biker Magazine

Girls Ride too…

We left on July 30 and got back Aug 28.

We headed west and stayed on back roads as much as possible. Our goal was Zion National Park, with many stops in between. We stopped in Pawhuska Oklahoma at the pioneer woman’s restaurant, very cool place then onto dodge city Kansas just for the ride .I had a little mishap and was wearing fork oil for a couple of days and we found this very cool bike shop Resurrection Cycle in Tulsa Oklahoma , great guys Brent had us up and running quickly. It was pretty warm when we left and we got a little rain after the first couple of days the weather was beautiful .We traveled across 64 thru New Mexico, hit some very cool towns Eagles nest ,Echo Canyon what a ride Taos was very neat town thru Carson National Forest. We met up with a friend in Dulce and rode onto the Four Corners. Little smoky with the fires in California . Zion was beautiful then on to Bryce Canyon. just beautiful. headed out for the Grand Tetons and thru Yellowstone towards Montana. stayed in Montana for a few days with my brother in Ovando, saw my first grizzly . went on to Michigan across the Mackinac bridge which is a suspension bridge, stayed in Mayville at my sons for a few days.. then on toward Nashville for a visit with my daughter did a little hiking to Cummings Falls . Slowly made our way home as i had to go too work on the 30.

we did 7630 miles , 22 states and 28 days, what a ride.