BIKE DAY at POST 359 on 9-2-23 by Miserable George

     A bunch of mean looking clouds rolled past my place just as I was getting ready to shove off to Post 359 for Bike Day. Those clouds DID dump some rain on my place, however, 359 was spared…WHEW!!! The crowd was a bit sparse when I got there, but grew pretty fast. The band, Roughouse, was wailing away, and cute little barmaid Shelly was busy providing those cold ones…she’s a Sweetheart!!! By now, BOTH bars were busy, and food was being served. Everything was moving at a FULL SWING pace. The weather was perfect, although it was a BIT warm…those big fans on the deck DID help. Despite the heat, I did see people dancing…!!! Bikes were rolling in, and soon the back deck was packed. It turned out to be a FUN DAY…!!!

Folks, thank a vet today, and may GOD BLESS YOU ALL…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal…(Yeah, she was there too)

  A HOT BIKER SATURDAY AT POST 359 by Miserable George

     In spite of a blistering HOT Saturday afternoon, the back deck of Post 359 was literally  PACKED with folks who came out to meet friends, or maybe just to listen to the music and have a few cold ones. Whatever your reason , I’m certain that you had a good time…!!! The band-”ROUGHOUSE” had them dancing in no time. Heck, there was even a wheel chair bound lady out on the floor!!! As usual, the food was good and the beer was cold…!!! That in itself, had a good grip on the attending folks..!!! I met several folks that I hadn’t seen for quite  a while.

I also got asked to be BEST MAN at the wedding of a good friend….I was never a Best Man before…!!! 

Folks…thank a VET today, and may GOD BLESS you all….

Miserable George

BIKE DAY 1/7/2023 at American Legion POST 359 by Miserable George

     Well…wouldn’t ya know it…another cold snap…!!! This one was mild compared to Christmas, and the crowd DID turn out at Legion Post 359 on Jan. 7th, 2023…! It warmed up pretty nice, and as I said….there was quite a bit of action on that huge patio out back. The Whiskey JuJu Band stirred the crowd up real well…lots of dancers out there in no time. Again, some good food if you were hungry…I WAS…so, I indulged. Both bars were “manned” by some gorgeous bar-maids…my friend Sarah Williams was handling the action at the Riders Roost….!!! Ran into a few old friends as well. All in all, a good day to be outside, mingling with the riders….looking forward to the next get-together.

Hey…thank a VET today,  be safe, and ValGal and I will catch ya’ll later…

Miserable George and ValGal…..

LEGION POST 359…BIKE DAY by Miserable George

     Well, October 1,2022 is a date we’ll all remember….the day after IAN…!!!

This particular BIKE DAY was HUGE…tremendous crowd, all kinda celebrating the end of that miserable storm. I know you’ll all join me in prayers for the souls that didn’t make it. The band…”Roughouse” kept the crowd moving all day long.

While scanning the crowd, I met several people whom I hadn’t seen for 5 or 6 years…THAT was nice..!! Also, as I never made it to Leesburg Bikefest this past year, a rumor was started that I had passed away…WOW…I wasn’t too crazy to hear THAT one….!! Nope, old “Miserable George” is still around, trying to do his “thing” as always.

I must say too, that the crew at 359 had the place STANDING TALL…all systems were GO…!!! Food was good, drinks were cold, girls were gorgeous, parking lot was OK except for one small puddle…!! Don’t forget about the 359 Membership Drive and the several other activities that the Post sponsors…

Pray for our troops, and thank a VET today…

GOD bless you all………Miserable George

BIKE DAY AT LEGION POST 359 by Miserable George

August 6, 2022 was a HOT one…(again), but all that HEAT didn’t seem to bother the banner crowd that showed up at American Legion Post 359’s monthly BIKE DAY, at the clubhouse just north of Pinto’s on US#1 in Brevard County, Florida!!!! 

Those big fans out on the rear deck area were doin’ their job, for sure!!!  The live band, Loaded Dice, was crankin’ out some mean sounds, and it wasn’t long before the dance area was alive with folks shuffling about, despite the heat..!!!

The two full service bars were going…non stop…!!! The large parking area was just short of FULL with scooters, and as always, several local clubs were represented. The brand new exterior restrooms are finished too…AC…the whole deal..!! Hungry….??? Well, they took care of THAT too…dogs and burgers with all the trimmings…always GOOD and at a good price too. PLUS, there was a 50/50….just about everything to keep ya hopping all afternoon…!!!

The folks at 359 always make sure that YOU have a good time on Bike Day…the first Saturday of the month.

Hey, thank a Vet today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George and ValGal….Old School Biker Magazine…we love you all…!!!!

Bike Day at 359 by Miserable George

     It had been awhile since I attended Bike Day at 359, and as luck would have it, Dec. 4, 2021 was “weather perfect”…!!! I got there early to grab some lunch…very tasty indeed..!!! 

BIG DADDY was playing, so of course, the place filled up…FAST!!! Met a bunch of old friends…(as always), plus, two NEW ones!!! Lots of progress on the new rest room facility…that will be a BIG help for the outside crowd. One thing that was a first for me…they sold out of 50/50 tickets…!!

Never saw THAT before…$660 total…winner got $330…$100 of which was donated back!!! Folks, I believe this was one of the largest crowds I’ve ever seen at 359, and, Big Daddy had a bunch of them shaking it up out there on the dance floor.  I love that band!!!!!

Hey…thank a Vet today, ride safe, and GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

Miserable George

POST 359 BIKE DAY AT THE TIKI by Miserable George

     Under very cloudy skies, I rolled in to Post 359 at my usual time, and had to really scrounge around for a parking spot…I tell ya folks…the place was JAMMED!!

The band, “Hypersona” was wailing away, folks were dancing, and several people told me…”Check out the chick with the purple hair”…so, I did, and you can see the rather pleasant results…!! The food area was crowded, as were the 2 bars…one at each end of the huge Tiki Patio Deck..!!

The rain held off till around 3:30, but then, we got dumped on!! It moved out about 45 minutes later. There was a drawing for a Booze Basket, and of course, the 50/50, of which a large portion was donated back to 359. Folks, it was a fabulous day among friends!! The membership drive is in full swing, so, think about THAT!!!

Thank a VET today, stand up for your country, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA..!!

Yeah, this old man is thankful to live in a country like the U.S.A….!!!

Miserable George

UNITY RUN LEGION POST 359 by Miserable George

It was 41 COLD degrees when I left my place, and headed to Post 359 for the UNITY RIDE for Legion Boys & Girls. Fourteen other hardy souls had gathered there, and were ready to ride. MaryAnn led a prayer for safety, and they were off!! Post #1 was our first stop…for breakfast!!! Then it was on up north to the NSB and south Daytona area, where the group encountered an accident scene and were forced to turn back and seek a detour. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out too well, as the original group was now split up, and did not visit the last 2 planned stops. So, with the cold weather, an unplanned detour, and the scattering of the original group, a bunch headed back to the 359 headquarters where I encountered them later in the day.

I’d like to thank MaryAnn Baggaley and Brenda Pierce for their pictures and assistance…

Miserable George

PROJECT VetRelief DINNER by Valgal

Friday, Jan. 31, 2020 saw the Ballroom at Legion 359 filled to capacity for the Project VetRelief Dinner. There were many Post Officials attending from out of state, National Commander Bill Oxford, Department of Florida American Legion Commander Rick Johnson, Eastern area Commander Dennis Boland, Astronaut High JROTC, we had 1,200 hours of volunteer time and we raised $21,000…

A ceremony honoring Lost Vets was carried out by N. Titusville High School’s JROTC group…very inspiring indeed!! A very tasty dinner was served by caterer, Kelly’s Cuisine, a local family operated company. Several Legion officials gave short talks explaining the importance of the VetProject. After the dinner portion of the evening ended, Karaoke began in the main clubroom. All in all, it was a fully enjoyable evening. Folks, please thank a Vet today, stand up for your country, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George and Valgal

PROJECT VET RELIEF RUN by Miserable George

The weather could not have been any better for the Project Vet Relief Poker Run, on Sun. Jan.19, 2020, out of American Legion Post 359 on US#1 just north of Port St. John, FL. They tell me there were 60 sign-ins, which is not too bad for a Space Coast Week-end!!

The band-ROUGHOUSE– was already in full swing when I got there, and people were starting to shuffle. The big grille was loaded with burgers and fried baloney, and a large table held all the novelties and leather goods along with a bunch of bottles of “fire-water” to be auctioned off later. The 50/50 winner donated back $100 to the cause.

The new patio area at 359 was over-flowing with Vet-Relief supporters, doing their part to assist Florida Legions’ Vets. If YOU would like to help, go to  They’ll give you all the info.

Hey, it was a fun day at 359…we met some very interesting people…YEAH!!!

Stand up for your country, thank a vet today, and may GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!

Miserable George