ALLIE and a CHEVVY by Miserable George

 OK folks, we’re back…on a blistering  HOT day at the Hot Rod Garage of my friend, Jimmy. We were lucky today…no rain!!! Our little friend is Allie, wearing her favorite little PIN-UP Sailor dress, and, a brand new outfit she just got. We hope you’ll all enjoy the layout, and, with any luck…we just MIGHT get Allie in front of our cameras again sometime. 


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Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show…Bike Week…2019 by Miserable George

Ya know, I’m not even sure just how many years the fabulous Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show has been going on during Bike Week and Biketoberfest, but,

it gets bigger and better every year!!

Plenty of parking space, food and drink vendors, babes, and of course, some of the craziest hand made choppers you’ll ever come across.

Roadside Marty kept the ball rolling all day as only HE can. Ace builder, Dave Perewitz was there too, plus, I did run into a top female racer, Brittney Olsen, in her signature red skirt and golden slippers!!!  Big Rick and the Troublemakers were wailing out back…good show, Rick.

The group of Veterans was back to enjoy the show…God bless ‘em. I had company with me this year…Tonya…one of our cover girls. It was her first trip to Bike Week, and, she loved it!! I think the pictures can tell the story a lot better than I can, so…enjoy…!!!

ValGal has some stuff coming up too…Ride safe…

Miserable George

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CACKLEBERY and the PATCH by Miserable George

Wednesday at Bike Week is always our day to visit

a Bike Week tradition…the Cabbage Patch…

and now…it looks like yet another tradition has been born…

just across the road…Cacklebery Campground.

Both venues were jammed to the hilt with revelers from all over the world-literally- a sea of eager bikers, out to cram all the fun they could into their beings, in as short a time as possible…(it seemed)!! But hell, that’s Bike Week!!  

With Cole Slaw Wrestling, the Budweiser Clydsdales, the gorgeous “beer girls”, food of every conceivable type, plus vendors selling just about anything you could imagine, and a campgrounds near-by…I mean, this was IT!!!

Folks, this is a corner of Bike Week you wanna get acquainted with ASAP!! Go to SR 415 & Pioneer Trail in Samsula…easy to find…that’s where it’s happening!!!

Maybe we’ll see ya there next time…

Miserable George

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LEATHERNECKS MC 2019 by Miserable George

We had just gotten wind of this event about a week ago, and,

knowing of the Leathernecks MC’s reputation of throwing a GOOD party….well we checked it out, and certainly were NOT disappointed…!

As always, the food and liquids were top notch, along with a new pop-corn machine, and of course…the infamous BIKE-WASH GIRLS!!!! Elle and Elisha were busy all during the party time…hey, I even had MY HEMI washed…! Folks, when you hear of a Leatherneck’s gig…make sure you don’t miss it….these men are primo!!!  Thanks for your hospitality, Leathernecks, and let us know when the next event comes up. Ride safe everyone, and stand up for your country…

Miserable George

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JAZZY…at ROSCOE’S Chili Challenge by Miserable George

This little darling was helping with parking at one of Roscoe’s neighbors yards.

I said we’d love to feature her with a bike…she said…OK.

With all the running we, and she did, this was about all we could muster up. If anyone out there happens to know Jazzy, please tell her we did our best to get her a feature. She’s a Sweetheart!!!

Thanks to Chopper Dave for the use of his machine…


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A Day at Cacklebery and the Cabbage Patch with Miserable George

As Biketoberfest, 2018, was winding down, ValGal and I hit Cacklebery Campgrounds, and (across the street)…the ol’ Cabbage Patch Bar and grounds.

Yeah, it was another blistering, hot day in Florida, but, we made up our minds that we’d stick it out as long as possible!! We first checked in with BIG DADDY, my good friend and neighbor, AND…Bandmaster!!! His band is PRIMO!!! Then, it was the usual walking around…checking out the chicks, displays, and the general lay of the land.

Later in the day, the World Renowned COLE SLAW WRESTLING. I guess the newbies get a real charge out of that…! For ME, it was torture in the hot sun…I’ll be honest about it.

We bumped into our good friend, ace lensman, Jackman…always nice to see him, and a few old friends as well.

Nice crowd out there, sweating their butts off, soaking up the suds!!! Val and I stood it as long as we could, and along with many others, decided the heat was just too much. But, despite the weather, it was a fun day…better than rain, I guess.

Don’t forget our Vets, and…stand up for your country…!!! See ya next time…

Miserable and ValGal

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More of Lauren by Valgal

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Lauren on Adam’s Chopper by Valgal

The engine and drivetrain are Ultima. 113 ci 120hp engine, 3.35″ Primary belt drive. 255 mm Rear tire, Air Ride rear suspension. Custom Hydro dipped with candy orange paint.

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LIZZY and a ‘32 Three Window by Miserable George

With a good weather report to go by, we set the White, ‘32 Three Window Coupe up in Jimmie’s yard…our stunning model was ready too, BUT, it was not to be!!! Along with a few distant rumbles of thunder, the big drops started to fall, and we had a major shower on our hands, AND, all over the car!! SO, we decided to shoot pretty, little Lizzy making herself busy inside Jim’s garage…just puttering around, (to our delight)…!!! We took a lunch break, and returned to some better weather in Jim’s back yard…finally!! As you can see, Liz did a bang-up job making that pretty car look even prettier!! It’s a 1932 Ford, 3-window coupe, powered by a Ford 351 Big Block racing engine, coupled to a C6 Automatic tranny, and a Ford 9” rear. It also features power windows and seats, and AC…AND…it’s FAST…!!! Yeah, it was a HOT day at Jim McKeon’s Hot Rod Garage, in Cocoa, Fl. Hmmmmm, was it the weather, or, something else that made it so hot!!!  I’ve drawn a conclusion on that, but, I ain’t talkin’…!!! Our thanks to Jim and Liz for a FUN DAY!!!

Miserable George

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