Alexis OSB Babe by Miserable George

PRESTON…at Roscoe’s by Miserable George

     I was checking out the custom bikes under the tent, and this little honey said she’d like to pose….so we accommodated her. All I know is, her name is Preston, and she’s beautiful….enjoy!!!!

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S CHILI CHALLENGE….#35 by Miserable George

     The weather for the BIG # 35 party was absolutely perfect…! My friends, Jay, Donny, and I rolled in about 10:45AM on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020, and as always, got a perfect camping spot. Not too perfect for me, however…my new tent turned out to be too SMALL, but we managed. We got set up and kinda toured the grounds, which even on Thursday, were starting to fill up. All the food stands were operating, and if you were thirsty…well, that was available too!! Thursday was kinda quiet, however, Friday was a different story! It seemed that every time I looked at the front gate, there were several riders waiting to sign in. Over in the chili cooking area, Hank and the crew were already preparing ingredients for the big cook-out on the following day. Steve and his gang were getting the electronics all set for the bands and other stage activities. US…? Well, we toured the whole area looking for people we might know. We found them, and quite a few NEW friends. All this taking place under picture-perfect skies. Early evening saw the official welcoming ceremonies, with the presentation of the colors, and singing of the National Anthem…very moving indeed. May we never forget our men and women in the Armed Services, especially those who gave everything to preserve our country and our way of life. GOD bless them. Once the bands started, the crowd gathered in front of the stage and did what they always did…raised hell!!! Things were picking up for the many vendors who ringed the grounds. The ones I talked to, were doing OK. Saturday, I kinda slept in and missed the early morning activities, however, we made it in time for the biker games…weenie bite, slow races, etc. All events had little “twists” this year, which included topless ladies!!! Following that, it was time to eat CHILI, and eat they did! I believe all the cookers were cleaned out, with just a small portion left in Hank’s huge cauldron..!!  Some action in the Burn-out Pit, and the exciting Out-house Races, followed by the Mini-bike races rounded out  the heavy action for the day. Awards were  given out to the arm wrestlers, body painted babes, and chili cookers. Next, the show-girls did their thing up on stage, the bands started up again, people gathered in front of the stage, and the crazy partying commenced in full swing!!! It was good to see Roscoe out and about, and Pogo in his brand new kilt,  complete with all his service decorations…very impressive!!! I made the rounds, seeking out photo-opps, but was rapidly tiring out, which prompted me to curtail my activities for the day. Hey, I’m an old guy…gimme a break!!! As always, Roscoe’s hospitality was second to none. I thank his Son David, the entire crew,  and the GOOD LORD above for the fantastic weather!! We hope to do it all over again next year.

Miserable George…Old School Biker Magazine

BABES-2003 VOUS by Miserable George

Since we’re stuck at home for now, I figured I’d entertain the guys with some babes from the VOUS from back in 2003. Bear in mind, these are from 17 years ago, so a lot has changed…enjoy…!!!



Our favorite area on Wednesday of Bike Week is Cacklebery Campground and the Cabbage Patch, out in Samsula. We rolled in late Wed. morning and began our trek around the campgrounds, checking out the various vendors and attractions, and of course…people…(babes)…! Two ladies there had a “pain station”, there was “slime wrestling”, massage tables, regular tag-team wrestling, the “Wall of Death”, and some cute beer girls. After awhile, I did venture across 415 to the Cabbage Patch grounds to witness, among other things, the Cole Slaw Wrestling, the Budweiser Clydesdales, more beer girls, my favorite MC, Radical Randy, and fellow photog…Jackman. I always enjoy walking the perimeter of the big field and talking to the spectators as well as getting some interesting pics!! After the wrestling, I dragged my tired ass back to Cacklebery to catch the “Big Daddy Band”…my favorite group.

By now, this old boy was BUSHED and ready to head for home. All in all, it was a fun-filled day, mixing it up with the Bike Week crowd. Met a few new people…that’s always nice…!

GOD bless America!!!

Miserable George

CRITTER RUN 2019 by Miserable George

The weather forecast for Nov. 24, 2019, was not TOO favorable…at least not in the morning, however, after some early showers, the sky DID turn mostly blue, and, the run was on!! Most of the 131 sign-ins were at the last minute, but, we squeaked them in. Many brought pet food, and other necessities. There was cake and goodies  in the front office, and a lovely little lady-Mac- was out front selling T-shirts. We missed our Traffic Lady, Patches, this year…she was side-lined with some health issues, BUT, she promises to return next time!! The run ended at H&D Roadhouse on SR 520 on Merritt Island, where the staff had some very tasty food waiting, plus the usual array of cold stuff to wash the dust away…!!! All of the run winners donated their money winnings back to the Humane Society…very generous indeed…!! The live entertainment consisted of “Jam Bands”, which got the job done very nicely. There were several items up for auction as well, which brought in a tidy sum to aid the animals..!!! I’d say it was a very enjoyable day all around. Thanks to Harry, Debbie, and Tayla, and  the crew, and the Humane Society reps for a very pleasant day.

Thank a Vet today, and, God Bless America…!!

Miserable George & ValGal

BRUNETTE  ON A BIKE by Miserable George

Several years ago, at a Crew Jam Party, under the 520 Bridge, we had a little shoot to select two cover girls for an author friend of mine. One of them was THIS lady, Tonya. We procured a bike, and fired away. A big thanks to the owner…(forgot his name)…!!Thank you too, little Miss Tonya…that was a fun day…

Miserable George

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ROSCOE’S LITTLE HONEYS by Miserable George

In just a few short weeks, the 34th. edition of the famed Roscoe’s Chili Challenge will take place just outside of Lakeland, Fl. SO, we figured we’d send you a little “primer” just in case you might be “on the fence” as to whether you wanna go or not. Old School Biker Magazine will be there, and, who knows….YOU might just get into the magazine!!! Check it out…  See YOU there…???

Miserable George

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Tonya by Miserable George