Folks, it’s THAT TIME of the year again…time for Roscoe’s Chili Challenge…rated in the TOP TEN of biker events in the entire U.S.A. Make your plans now, for Nov. 4-5-6, 2021, and git on over to Lakeland, Fl. for THEE BEST week-end you’ll ever experience!!! Sadly, we will all miss MC…POGO, and chief gate-man, MIKE, but I’m sure they both will be watching with all the other Angels from above. RIP, and may GOD BLESS you both.    That will give you all the info….Hey…see YOU there…??

Miserable George

Roscoe’s Chili Challenge #29 by ValGal and Miserable George

It’s no big secret about some logistical changes that had to be made at the big Chili Challenge this year. Camping areas were changed, entrances and exits were switched, the event was cut by one day…! As word got out BEFORE the event, I believe it scared a few people away! Well,

I’m here to tell you all, the Chili Challenge was a huge success,

despite a few minor changes. Additional  camping ground was purchased, which was more than enough to accommodate everyone, and despite shortening the party by one day…you STILL got your money’s  worth.

My friend, Jay Mollica rode out with me…I of course, took my truck…thanks to Jay for the company. Jay, by the way, is a PRIMO sax player, as I’m sure most of you know!!

We were invited out on Thursday, a day before opening…got a good camp site, met a lot of new people, shot almost 1000 photos, squeezed a few chicks, ate good at Heavenly Hotdogs…(Thanks John & Andrea!!), and generally had a blast.

Weather was good till Saturday evening, when the cold front moved in, and we got spritzed a bit!! Good chili, good events, good people, I think the photos can tell the story a lot better than I can.

Our BIG THANKS to Roscoe and his terrific staff for a

job well done…hope to get there again in 2015!!!

Miserable George

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Nostalgia at the Redfish Inn 2004 Flashback by Miserable George

This place has had many names down through the years,

and back in 2004, it was the Redfish Inn, and, a very popular watering hole on U.S.#1 in Cocoa, Fl, near the flea market. It seems that there was always something interesting going on…from spaghetti wrestling, to a mini-concert by Big Mike Griffin, and TV’s “good ol’ boy”…Mickey Jones.

The weather was as variable as the entertainment…beautiful for awhile, then, a whopper blowing in off the Space Center!! But, one thing you could always count on, was a banner crowd, to partake of the entertainment, the pretty girls, and the good food!!

The place still boasts all these things today, but, with a different name…”The Oyster Bar”…on U.S.#1, just north of Cocoa, Fl. Tell ‘em Old School Biker” sent ya…OK?

Miserable George

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