Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Time Bike Show 2022

     ValGal and I drove in the rain nearly all the way to Chopper Time at Willie’s on Thursday morning, March 10, 2022. When we pulled into the huge Publix parking lot, there were patches of blue sky showing, and the rain had stopped. It was the first time I had ever seen that big parking area….FULL UP…!!! 

Missed my friend, Jackman, he was not able to make it this time, so I went right to work…solo. Just after 1PM, the breeze turned cold, dark clouds formed up, and the rain returned…not heavy, but, things did NOT look good, so Val and I decided to call it a day…!!!

On our drive to Pappas Restaurant, the sky opened up…nasty…!! We had our traditional Bike Week supper, (Val treated), and headed for home in off and on showers all the way…!

But, it was a fun day…tremendous crowd at Willie’s, many good pictures!!! Ran into Billy Lane…that’s always nice!

Hey, see ya all next time…

Miserable & ValGal

Miserable George’s Pics

Valgal’s Pix

Cabbage Patch and Cacklebery Daytona Bikeweek 2021 by Miserable George

            We changed our itinerary this year,  and visited the Cabbage Patch on Saturday of Bike Week instead of Wednesday. Had the pleasure of meeting some of ValGal’s friends camped at what they call Paco’s Corner on the north side of the property…away from all the noise. Hooked up with my good friend Jack-Man(as I did at Willie’s) near the wrestling area. Lots of gorgeous wrestlers milling around in that area waiting for the cabbage to be shredded. Also talked with my old friend, Radical Randy, who was acting as an MC that day. After the shredding, the wrestling events began, and because of the hot sun, that cabbage started to…SMELL…..!!! That did it for me…I opted to take a hike away from that mess!!! We roamed the general midway area, got a bite to eat, and of course, had no place to sit. Man…!!! I’m gettin’ too old for this kind of activity. Again, we had ValGal to help with the photos. Is it just me, or was the crowd a bit smaller out here too…??? Maybe…For a change of scenery, we walked across to Cacklebery Campgrounds…more pretty girls and all kinds of vendors too. By now, it was getting late, and we(I) was tired…old age…I was hungry again too!! Time to head south and home…It was a fun day!!!

Thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…..

Miserable George & ValGal


     Well, it was Daytona’s BIG 80th. Bike Week celebration….about 42 for me, give or take!!!! We visited what I call Bike Week’s BEST event…Willie’s Tropical Tattoo Chopper Show!!! It takes place at Willie’s location on Thursday of Bike Week… at 825 Yonge St…(U.S. #1) in Holly Hill. That’s where you can eat, drink, get some new ink, and check out hot custom bikes and hot babes too. There’s a live band in the back yard all day long, as well as free parking in all the area surrounding Willie’s…hey, I mean, what could be better!!!??? I’m not quite certain how many years I’ve been going to this fabulous event, but it HAS been quite a few. Always nice to meet old friends there, and the MC, Roadside Marty is a CLASS ACT!!! Lots of gorgeous Trophy Girls on hand every year to help hand out the awards for the best choppers. Also, many vendors scattered around the property to take care of your needs. ValGal went with me this year, and we had a blast. Give them a shot at Biketoberfest…tell ‘em Old School Biker sent ya….Hey, stand up for your country, thank a VET., and GOD BLESS AMERICA…!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

‘Breaking’ Nashville Now Has a Bike Week!

For Immediate Release
Nashville Bike Week is Relocating

Nashville Bike Week is relocating to a new venue. Nashville Bike Week is an exciting new Music and Motorcycle Event, the inaugural event will take place September 14th-24th, 2017 and we plan to continue every year. This year we will feature 101 bands on 4 stages with 9 stunt shows daily and some of the best motorcycle riding roads in the country. We will have motorcycle only parking by blocking streets at different venues in Nashville, and associated events will be happening at different locations around the area. Nashville Bike Week, the event, is being organized by a corporation not a person. It began as the dream of one person, but one person couldn’t possibly organize an event of this size, so when the dream started to become reality the corporation was formed to protect everyone involved including our customers, vendors, and the entertainers coming to the event. The corporation has officers, employees, attorneys, accountants, an HR department, and bankers just like most corporations. Everyone at Nashville Bike Week is a salaried or contracted employee. Putting on a major event for the first time from the ground up is a monumental undertaking, and we are bound to make mistakes along the way. There is more to the recent news of our relocation than we can elaborate on for legal reasons, but we aren’t letting that slow us down. We are moving forward full steam ahead to make the event a success. We have a secured a new venue and have agreed in principle to the terms of the lease, it is approximately 6 miles from the previous venue. It is larger, with more usable flat ground, and much better suited to hosting an event of this size with room to grow and some freedom to add infrastructure in the years to come. It is more convenient to hotels, restaurants, and the interstate, and it will be easier to get in and out with multiple entry and exit points and full 4g wireless service from every major provider, something the previous venue was lacking. It has both river access for canoeing, and a creek for tubing, stocked lakes for fishing, and we are excited that as soon as all parties have signed the lease we will be able to announce it complete with maps to show the layout and vision for the new long term home of the event. If you have purchased a wristband it is still valid at the new venue, if you rented a cabin you will still have a cabin at the new venue, if you rented an rv or an rv site you will still have the same level of service you rented at the new venue. To date, all of the bands we have announced have been contracted and all deposits paid, some have even been paid in full. GENE SIMMONS, Colt Ford, Vince Neil, Skid Row, Darryl Worley, The Ives Brothers, Busted Knuckle Stunt Tours, Bubba Blackwell, nor any of the other entertainment we have listed on our website would allow us to post their photos and announce the dates if we had not met all of our financial obligations to them. Nashville Bike Week has contracted and paid deposits to a staging sound and lighting companies to provide us with the stages needed, we have contracted stage managers to make the shows run smoothly, we have contracted with septic companies and they have acquired all of the proper permits to properly dispose of waste water. We have also contracted with concessionaires to provide food and beverages, we’ve signed food vendors, and industry vendors, and continue to do so even through this little bump in the road. All of our sponsors, Allstate Motorcycle Insurance, Professional Bull Riders, Ram Trucks, and our many local sponsors are all excited about the change of venue. Nashville Bike Week has also been active in the community, we have sponsored events for good causes, donated to charities like the Monroe Carrell Children’s Hospital, the Tennessee Biker Medical Clinic, BACA, Smoky Mountain Thunder Memorial Ride, we have donated tickets and merchandise to auctions for fallen bikers, and the list goes on. We are answering the phones and messages as fast as we can to answer your questions, and if you haven’t gotten through keep trying, we will get to you but in the meantime, get ready, Nashville Bike Week is coming and we are in it for the long haul.