Cabbage Patch and Cacklebery Daytona Bikeweek 2021 by Miserable George

            We changed our itinerary this year,  and visited the Cabbage Patch on Saturday of Bike Week instead of Wednesday. Had the pleasure of meeting some of ValGal’s friends camped at what they call Paco’s Corner on the north side of the property…away from all the noise. Hooked up with my good friend Jack-Man(as I did at Willie’s) near the wrestling area. Lots of gorgeous wrestlers milling around in that area waiting for the cabbage to be shredded. Also talked with my old friend, Radical Randy, who was acting as an MC that day. After the shredding, the wrestling events began, and because of the hot sun, that cabbage started to…SMELL…..!!! That did it for me…I opted to take a hike away from that mess!!! We roamed the general midway area, got a bite to eat, and of course, had no place to sit. Man…!!! I’m gettin’ too old for this kind of activity. Again, we had ValGal to help with the photos. Is it just me, or was the crowd a bit smaller out here too…??? Maybe…For a change of scenery, we walked across to Cacklebery Campgrounds…more pretty girls and all kinds of vendors too. By now, it was getting late, and we(I) was tired…old age…I was hungry again too!! Time to head south and home…It was a fun day!!!

Thank a VET today, and GOD BLESS AMERICA…..

Miserable George & ValGal

Biketoberfest 2020-OH YEAH by Valgal

Well, I have to tell y’all this year’s Biketoberfest at Cacklebery/Cabbage Patch was the best I have been to in a long time!… Big Daddy and the other bands were awesome… I do know 2 other great Brevard County bands made the stage this year… Shovelhed and Twisted Minds (TMI)… We love to see our friends make it out of town to share their greatness all over!

Camping at Paco’s Corner this year was very quiet without the regulars to spice things up… BUT… over at Doby and Dawns campsite things were Rockin’ & Rollin’… Thank you Dawn B for breakfast and Dawn H. I wouldn’t have made it thru Friday night without that cup of coffee… I owe you one Girl!!

I tried to get to Destination Daytona on Saturday but couldn’t get NEAR the place… Drove by Iron Horse and it was the same thing so I turned right off US1 and went right back to Cacklebery… As usual I had no interest in going to ‘town’ since we are not welcome there anymore… Bikers picked Daytona years ago… we can pick another… Ride Safe Everybody!


CACKLEBERY and the PATCH by Miserable George

Wednesday at Bike Week is always our day to visit

a Bike Week tradition…the Cabbage Patch…

and now…it looks like yet another tradition has been born…

just across the road…Cacklebery Campground.

Both venues were jammed to the hilt with revelers from all over the world-literally- a sea of eager bikers, out to cram all the fun they could into their beings, in as short a time as possible…(it seemed)!! But hell, that’s Bike Week!!  

With Cole Slaw Wrestling, the Budweiser Clydsdales, the gorgeous “beer girls”, food of every conceivable type, plus vendors selling just about anything you could imagine, and a campgrounds near-by…I mean, this was IT!!!

Folks, this is a corner of Bike Week you wanna get acquainted with ASAP!! Go to SR 415 & Pioneer Trail in Samsula…easy to find…that’s where it’s happening!!!

Maybe we’ll see ya there next time…

Miserable George

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A Day at Cacklebery and the Cabbage Patch with Miserable George

As Biketoberfest, 2018, was winding down, ValGal and I hit Cacklebery Campgrounds, and (across the street)…the ol’ Cabbage Patch Bar and grounds.

Yeah, it was another blistering, hot day in Florida, but, we made up our minds that we’d stick it out as long as possible!! We first checked in with BIG DADDY, my good friend and neighbor, AND…Bandmaster!!! His band is PRIMO!!! Then, it was the usual walking around…checking out the chicks, displays, and the general lay of the land.

Later in the day, the World Renowned COLE SLAW WRESTLING. I guess the newbies get a real charge out of that…! For ME, it was torture in the hot sun…I’ll be honest about it.

We bumped into our good friend, ace lensman, Jackman…always nice to see him, and a few old friends as well.

Nice crowd out there, sweating their butts off, soaking up the suds!!! Val and I stood it as long as we could, and along with many others, decided the heat was just too much. But, despite the weather, it was a fun day…better than rain, I guess.

Don’t forget our Vets, and…stand up for your country…!!! See ya next time…

Miserable and ValGal

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Cabbage Patch & Cacklebery by Miserable George

A day in Samsula includes the Cabbage Patch as well as Cacklebery Campground. I got there early on a very cool, brisk Wednesday of Bike Week, 2018. Ran into my friend, photag “Jackman”, and we kinda backed each other up all day long. It was my first visit there, since we lost Ronnie awhile back…I really missed him. Several good bands there, including my friend, BIG DADDY….always a pleasure to see him. Of course, the “biggie” at the Patch, is the cole slaw wrestling. Huge crowd was there for that event.

Hey, where else can a middle aged lady walk around in her underwear in front of hundreds of people, and NOT get arrested!!!  

Crazy man…!!! Cold weather, not-with-standing, a few of the ladies bared a bit of skin…oh yeah!! Also, the one man band inside the bar, filled the place to over-flowing…never saw the bar THAT crowded…he was good too!! It was a beautiful day all around, and I thank the Patch and Cacklebery folks for their help and consideration, and all the babes who stood still for my camera. Always a pleasure to visit there during the Biker weeks in Daytona….

Miserable George

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