LAW RIDE…2019 by Miserable George

Saturday, April 6th., dawned bright and clear, for the running of the celebrated 17th. annual Brevard County Sheriff’s LAW RIDE!! I got out there to the starting point-the Law Museum, on SR 405- at around 9:15AM, and the place was already a sea of activity. Bikes were lining up, vendors were already doing business, a DJ was cranking out tunes, tickets were being sold for a brand new rifle, and, in short…folks were getting ready for a day of riding.

Event organizer and manager, Sgt. Alan Rainey, received an award for all his efforts through the years, in making this event the popular one that it has become…in the area of 600 riders!!! It was also announced that 30 year veteran Motor Deputy, Sgt. Scott Behringer would be retiring soon. He also announced the rules concerning the running in the Law Ride…rules designed to keep everyone safe on the road.

Then…they were off!! I had left a bit before the column, to my photo spot just east of the 405 draw bridge…joining the LONG column, just after the last bike had passed. We ran east to SR 3, turned north, and entered Kennedy Space Center, where we circled the VAB, and proceeded north where we entered the actual Shuttle Runway…proceeded south on the runway to SR 3, and on down to SR 405 and west, back to the Law Museum for a meal.

As always, a fabulous day, and a very interesting, and smooth  run, thanks to the efforts of the Brevard and Osceola County Deputies.

Hope to see everyone next year…ride safe, remember our Vets, and, stand up for your country…!!

Miserable George

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Brevard County Law Ride-2018 by Miserable George

This is one run I always look forward to, and, the weatherman cooperated too.

A beautiful Sat., April 7th.,2018, saw about 650 bikes crowd into the area surrounding the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum,

on 6350 Horizon Drive, just off US#1, south of Titusville, Fl., for the 16th. Annual Law Ride.

If you were quick, you might have gotten a donut and some coffee, set up near the sign-in table. Also, you might have had time to tour the adjacent law museum, which is VERY interesting…it covers just about every aspect of law enforcement. Maybe you got hold of a gun raffle, or 50/50 ticket too!!

Then, it was KSU at 10:30AM, north to Titusville, over the Max Brewer Bridge, and on out to SR.3, and right to the VAB on the Space Center Complex….no KSC tour this year. After a photo opp at the VAB area, it was back to the Hall of Fame grounds for a very tasty lunch, and another session of photos for us.

One big, smooth operation, expertly handled by the Sheriff’s Depts. of Brevard, and several surrounding areas…well done, gentlemen!!!

As always, ride safe, and, stand up for your country!!!

Miserable George & ValGal

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LAW RIDE 2017 Local Bikers Support Law Enforcement by Miserable George

Although, Saturday, April 8, 2017 started out a bit on the nippy side, it soon developed into a perfect, warm, day for the Law Ride, and, ride they did!!!

Well over 300 motorcycles assembled at the area surrounding the Police Memorial,

on SR 405…Ace DJ, Doc Holiday was already at work, filling the air with the music as  only HE can!!! He told me…one of these years…he too will ride this run!!

After an invocation, and presentation of the colors, it was kick stands up, for the 15th. Annual Brevard Sheriff’s Law Ride, which included a tour of the Space-X area of Kennedy Space Center…something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I did the best I could with pictures…you know…one hand holding a camera…one hand on the wheel of the HEMI, as well as keeping an eye on the traffic…not an easy peasy task…!

After the tour, it was a short rest at the open area adjacent to the VAB, some more quick pics, then, off to the Police Memorial again, for food, and a quick walk-through of the Memorial itself…very interesting. Lots of vendors outside, a live band, a good crowd, all the ingredients for a successful event.

My thanks to the Officers for cooperating with me, so I could do my job, and Alan Rainey…yer the MAN!!!  Put this event on YOUR list…you’ll thank me…!!  

Miserable George

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