Sinclair Law

Although, Saturday, April 8, 2017 started out a bit on the nippy side, it soon developed into a perfect, warm, day for the Law Ride, and, ride they did!!!

Well over 300 motorcycles assembled at the area surrounding the Police Memorial,

on SR 405…Ace DJ, Doc Holiday was already at work, filling the air with the music as  only HE can!!! He told me…one of these years…he too will ride this run!!

After an invocation, and presentation of the colors, it was kick stands up, for the 15th. Annual Brevard Sheriff’s Law Ride, which included a tour of the Space-X area of Kennedy Space Center…something I’ve wanted to see for a long time. I did the best I could with pictures…you know…one hand holding a camera…one hand on the wheel of the HEMI, as well as keeping an eye on the traffic…not an easy peasy task…!

After the tour, it was a short rest at the open area adjacent to the VAB, some more quick pics, then, off to the Police Memorial again, for food, and a quick walk-through of the Memorial itself…very interesting. Lots of vendors outside, a live band, a good crowd, all the ingredients for a successful event.

My thanks to the Officers for cooperating with me, so I could do my job, and Alan Rainey…yer the MAN!!!  Put this event on YOUR list…you’ll thank me…!!  

Miserable George

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