Matt Zimmerman says…

WELL NOW, it appears to be that time again to ruffle some feathers and lose some followers by the amount of social media butthurt that might commence….

1) I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR POLITICAL VIEWS!! I don’t care about the war in Syria, I don’t care about Isis, the Taliban, Iraq, oil profits, Russia, Putin, etc etc etc. I just don’t fucking care. If you come at me with some bullshit of “well it effects your life bla bla bla”….listen, I don’t fucking care. I choose to not give a damn about it. I choose to live my life to the best that my mediocre abilities will take me, and I choose to focus on things that bring joy to my life. Whatever happens with the political state, I will adapt and adjust accordingly, but I’m not going to be some sniveling piss ant whining on social media that I don’t like the president, or his actions, because again, say it with me now people, I DON’T FUCKING CARE!

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