Sat. night, Nov. 13, was “iffy” to say the least. A blob of rain patches blew in about 5PM, BUT, the weatherman said…”not to worry, the rain would pass by.” AND…it actually did, so by around 6PM, starting time for the Unchained Kings’ Fifth Year party, the skies actually started to clear, and bikers started to funnel in to the grounds. I grabbed some of the huge pile of food that they had, and then settled in to do what I do…grab some pictures of the growing crowd. Lots of Brothers, and of course, a bunch of ladies too!! A fire was built to ward off the evening chill, there was recorded music, and, food and drink was available all evening. They set up a burn-out contest, and a slow race…we were unable to capture the slow race because of the darkness. Winners got trophies. As the skies cleared, more riders arrived…the crowd grew  and everyone had a ball. This old man got tired and weary, and left for home about 10:30PM or so. My thanks to the Kings for their un-ending hospitality.  Great bunch of people!!!!  

Hey, ride safe, and thank a VET today!!!

Miserable George

Unchained Kings…a new twist… by Miserable George

      Anyone who ever attended a Motorcycle Club event kinda expects something….well….topless…right??? Well, at the Unchained Kings event on Oct. 23, 2021, there were NO topless occurrences of any kind!!! The whole event was set up as a sort of circus theme, with different acts taking place as the evening progressed…the main act on stage was Indigo Foxxx…a guy and gal combo who performed a host of interesting little capers, including card tricks, hypnotism, piercing, fire applications, escape artistry, and tricks on a bed of nails…all things that you would not expect at a MC Party…! There were also the Brisngr Fire Dancers, performing in memory of a fallen comrade, along with a moment of silence. Along with all this, there were the JessPaints321 Body Painters. I will admit that there were many ladies prancing around with “interesting” costumes, plus a contest for the best appearing “ghoul” , BUT…no skin…definitely a “new twist” on MC party entertainment, BUT, very enjoyable. There was a bunch of very tasty food, and of course…lots of “cold stuff”. It was fun to watch the girls get “strung up” on stage too. I had a blast, and I’d like to thank the Unchained Kings for their hospitality…a good bunch of people!! Pop in there sometime on a Wednesday evening.

OK…be safe…thank a Vet today…

Miserable George

UNCHAINED KINGS…second annual party by Miserable George

The Unchained Kings celebrated their second year anniversary with a blow-out on Nov.2, at their CH on Coconut Dr. in Cocoa, Fl. Helping in the festivities were Warlocks MC, Fallen Few MC, Wrecking Crew, U.S. Military Vets MC, Armed Forces MC,  Shadow Hunterz MC, Road Tramps MC (from NY), a Bro from the Scorpions MC (from LA,Cal.) Spirit Riders MC, and a rep from B.A.C.A. Entertaining the gang was Kel-Marie & Canaan, a pleasing duo, belting out what I call contemporary sounds…very relaxing. There was a slow race out on Coconut Dr., and back on the grounds, a burn-out contest. Smoky, but fun!! A set of Jenga Blocks kept several people busy for a time as well. I was busy eye-ballin’ the bar maids who did a few numbers on the pole…HOT!!! Thanks, Mylo and Amber!!! There were several door prizes, and some very tasty food. All in all, an enjoyable way to spend an evening. I’d like to thank 350 and the whole crew for their hospitality. BTW, their CH is open every Wed. at 8PM if ya feel like socializing. Stand up for your country, and, thank a Vet. today….

Miserable George