Wrecking Crew Chili Cook-Off by Miserable George

     With the weather being “iffy”, their street blocked off, and me…a stranger to the area, AND, it was dark on that Dec. 12, 2020, all combined, I was lucky to find the Wrecking Crew CH….BUT…I found it…!!! Nice crowd was already there sampling the chili creations of 9 different cooks, and I joined right in. I sampled 5 different pots, made my choice, and voted! The winners were awarded cash, and medallion type trophies, plus, the #1 winner received a neat model privy. Hey, after eating all that chili….well….you figure it out!!! I believe this will be an annual event, and I’m glad, because I LOVE CHILI…!!!   My thanks goes out to the Wrecking Crew  MC for their hospitality. Keep yer eyes peeled for other up-coming events…

Miserable George

WRECKING CREW…Grand reopening by Miserable George

September 28, 2019, was a busy day for us. It was Post 359 in the afternoon, then, down to Melbourne to the Wrecking Crew MC, for their grand RE-opening of a new clubhouse on Avenue “B”, just off Babcock, at 8PM.

Nice crowd, with several clubs represented. Tasty burgers and dogs were being grilled out front, and several other items were donated and brought in. I tell ya folks….those baked beans were fabulous…something different!!!

There was a toast for all the Bros and Sisters who showed up to support the Wrecking Crew…adult beverages, food, babes, and AC in the clubhouse…good combination for a hot summer night in Brevard County.

We’d like to thank Shawn Marshall and the whole crew for their hospitality…a perfect way to cap off a busy day. Hope to see ya next time…

Miserable George