Sinclair Law

As many of you know I made a trip to Pennsylvania at the end of July… Well that just so happened to be when Reading MC. was holding their annual drag race for their anniversary, 104th this year… Congratulations!!

I was graciously given my friends car to drive that Saturday, July 28th so off I went…My friends from a long time ago are not bikers… So when I pulled up to the RMC clubhouse there were nothing but bikes everywhere… My unknown family, I was with my people 🙂

With a pep in my step I started to head to the clubhouse, hadda pee… I was asking around to see if anyone remembered Keystone MC from Emmaus, a few did but not in detail.  Wow how time flies by… Aaanywayyy…

The weather was nice and warm in a northern kind of way but still hot!… I hope you enjoy the photos i have taken… they will tell the story…


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