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I guess you could say that the weatherman kinda threw us a few curves during the course of the day, at the 6th annual BIN run on April 22, 2017, with a few intermittent showers, which were actually much needed. Some of the riders arrived at Post 117, a bit wet!! In spite of the “iffy” weather, the turn-out was very good…nearly 200 bikes, with 235 sign-ins…and ya know what…?? I don’t think I heard a single complaint about the little showers!

Doc Holiday was already entertaining when we pulled in, and, there was supposed to be a live band, however, they tell me their guitar player was a no-show….!!

Several vendors there, including a man who made wood carvings with a chain saw…interesting!!

As always, at Post 117, the food was very plentiful, and tasty too. There were also several stations on the grounds for cold drinks, including their beautiful covered Tiki Bar. Lots of places to sit and catch yer breath, however, they were left WET by all the passing showers.

They tell me that the BIN collected several big buckets of canned goods, along with some much needed funding…thanks to very generous bikers who always take care of their own.

Gotta send out a BIG THANKS to the Brevard County Sheriff’s Dept. as well for their invaluable assistance in keeping things moving very smoothly on the run, especially on and off of I.95. They tell me those men were volunteers…well done. To Post 117 also, for the use of their spacious grounds, and to all the other people who volunteered their time and service to the BIN. Mama Bear…you’re the BIN Angel!!  

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