Sinclair Law

     Rain or no rain…?? THAT was the big question for this year’s Moving Wall event at Wickham Park in Brevard County, Melbourne, Fl. ValGal and I got there around 11AM on Sat. May 6,2023. Activity around the Wall itself, was quite brisk, however, the crowd over near the stage seemed a bit smaller than other years . Doc Holiday was on stage doing his thing…the vendors were all set up…there were two helicopters over in the landing field; they attracted quite a few spectators. I believe it was the somewhat threatening weather that cut the crowd down a bit this year. There was dark sky in the area, however, no rain fell in the park area itself. ValGal found me just finishing a good meal, and said “it was time to go”…We watched the choppers depart, then we did too…!

There were  quite a few VietNam Vets in attendance…GOD BLESS ‘em all.

Hey…thank a VET today…OK…?

Miserable George & ValGal